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USS Makassar Strait was originally classified as AVG-91, and subsequently reclassified ACV-91 and then CVE-91. She was originally known as Ulitaka Bay and was commissioned as the CVE-91 Makassar Strait in April of 1944. She headed for Pearl Harbor and the Marshall Islands bringing passengers and aircraft replenishments to the areas.

She also was involved in transport of military casualties to Pearl Harbor and the West Coast. After that, she trained off the coast of California for two months. Following another cruise to Hawaii, the Admiralties, and the Manus, she returned to pilot training off the Pearl Harbor coast.

Makassar Strait was valuable in training operations, especially in the training of aviators. She then took Composite Squadron 97 to duty in the western Pacific from Pearl Harbor, protected logistics ships that were supporting the Fast Carrier Task Force.

The ship became involved in the Okinawa operation, and was then operated in the Marianas until July 1945. Makassar Strait was then used for duty in the Magic Carpet operation, bringing home troops from overseas. She took replacement troops to the islands and brought veterans home before being decommissioned in late 1946.

She was stricken from the Navy list in 1958, but received two battle stars for her service in WWII.

CVE-91 Deployments - Major Events

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Month Year to Month Year Deployment / Event
DEC1943-Keel Date: 29 DEC 1943
MAR1944-Launch Date: 22 MAR 1944
APR1944-Commissioned: 27 APR 1944
MAY1945-JAN1946West Pac
AUG1946-Decommissioned: 9 AUG 1946

CVE-91 General Specifications

Length: 512.3 feet

Beam: 65.2 feet

Draft: 22.5 feet

Final Disposition: Construction Cancelled