FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I Register on HullNumber.com?
Get in touch with old friends
• "Remember A Shipmate" and let a pal know you want to hear from him
• Get a Reunion Notification when your reunion info is posted
• Post photos of you, life at sea and your shipmates
• Get the Spring/Fall e-newsletter ... Hullnumber.com is always improving!

What is "Remember A Shipmate?
You can let your shipmates know you would like to hear from them by entering their info, as best you remember it. Their info appears on the Roster page with your name in the right column as the "Remembered By". When they update their record, you get a notification email.

How can I submit a picture of my ship/sub?
If you are registered on HullNumber.com, to to your Command Roster Page and CLICK on YOUR LAST NAME.

How do I email a Shipmate?
If your shipmate has EMAIL to the right of their info on the roster - click on EMAIL then fill out the form with the email address you registered with and your four digit password - another form will open and you can email them. If they do not have EMAIL to the right of their info, they are not registered and you will have to keep checking back - I hope HullNumber.com helps you make contact with some old friends! - best to you and yours - dave s

How did my name get on my ship's roster page?
HullNumber sailed the internet from 1999-2003 and was relaunched in 2007. During that time you either Registered or were Remembered by a ship mate

How do I upate my record?
Click on you last name and fill out the form that opens.

What is my password?
Any four (4) digit number you choose. Please record it.

Can I email everyone on my Ship's Roster Page?
No - only those who have EMAIL to the right of their info.