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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1952 EN Beals Carl E. Salem OR
1952 QM Mcneil
1952 QM Mcneil
1952 SM Dukes Joseph Flora MS
1952 SM Dukes Joseph Flora MS
1952 SN Ryman Johnny Bay City TX
1953 BM Richards Pete Merchville NJ
1953 ET Nolan George Haddonfield NJ
1953 RM Donald Zinkl Donald St Louis Mo MO
1953 RM Zinkl Donald St. Louis MO
1954 QM Miller Terry Montevideo MN
1955 RD Lansing William San Antonio TX
1956 RD Mitchell Loren La Harpe KS
1958 EN Rowe Larry Yermo CA
1959 EM Johnston Greg West Lima WI
1959 EN Odonnell Tim Oakland CA
1960 EM Mccauley Haskel Baxter Springs KS
1961 EM Wilson James Quincy WA
1961 EM Wilson James Quincy WA
1962 HM Tamboer Bill La Mesa CA
1963 EN Mebust Ronald Enumclaw WA
1963 RM Asmann Ted Wichita KS
1964 FN Sanchez Felipe Victoria TX
1964 SN Steffen Robert Mamou LA
1965 DC Locke James Chester PA
1965 RM Head Jerry Bloomington IL
1965 SK Gantt Jesse Newport PA
1965 SN Sutton Herbert Tucson AZ
1966 BM Briggs Richard Westport CT
1966 BM Coffin B. Douglas Pocatello ID
1966 BM Davidson Roger Fresno CA
1966 DC Mcbain Louis El Paso TX
1966 DC Ward John Anniston AL
1966 EM Riding In Cecil Gallup NM
1966 FT Pyle John Hays KS
1966 RD Fuhrman Robert Marietta PA
1966 RM Franklin Larry Louisville KY
1966 RM Merrill Dee Salt Lake City UT
1966 RM Wicks James Battlecreek MI
1966 RM Worcester Dale Detroit MI
1966 SK Jeffers Archie (jeff) South Bend IN
1966 SM Bain Michael
1966 SM Falkner Gerald Aberdeen MS
1966 SN Burvenich Henry Huntington NY
1967 BM Olson Roger Hawarden IA
1967 BM Wyant John Easton PA
1967 CS Russell Joe Carlsbad TX
1967 EN Smith Carl Salt Lake Cite UT
1967 EN Smith Carl D. Salt Lake City UT
1967 EN Smith Carl Salt Lake City UT
1967 GM Burvenich Henry Huntington NY
1967 LCDR Mrasak Al AL
1967 LTJG Lindley Gary Austin TX
1967 SK Schwarz Lothar Des Plaines IL
1967 YN Shindel Greg San Diego CA
1968 CWO Ruiz Mike Queens, Ny NY
1968 EN Brucato Andrew Bryson City NC
1968 EN Carr Lloyd Corvallis OR
1968 GM Arnold Paul Clinton SC
1968 LTJG Lester Bill NC
1968 LTJG Southerland Mark Indian Head Park IL
1968 SK Begnaud Ernest Lafayette LA
1968 SK Vega Gustavo Bronx Ny NY
1968 SK Vega Gustavo Bronx NY
1968 SK Vega Gustavo Bronx NY
1968 SK Vega Gustavo Guayanilla PR
1969 BM Hardy Terry Silsbee TX
1969 BM Hardy Terry Silsbee TX
1969 EN Brucato Andrew Bryson City NY
1969 EN Vigil Andrew Taos NM
1969 PN Sievers Paul Dubuque IA
1969 QM Treado Lee Milwaukee WI
1969 RM Pawloski Al Lemont IL
1969 YN Robertson George Oklahoma City OK
1970 ENS Ochs Thomas Albany OR
1970 HM Pruger Edward Brooklyn New York NY
1970 SM Pangyanszki John Barberton OH
1970 SM Pangyanszki John Barberton OH
1971 CS Hixon Kim Tacoma WA
1971 GM Brukner Robert Denver CO
1971 SK Billington Paul New York Or Kansas KS
1971 SN Vanegas Eddie Watsonville CA





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