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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 MM Baldwin David Desmoines IA
1941 CPO Hall Richard Falls City NE
1942 BM Ornelas John San Antonio TX
1942 BT Watson George Minneapolis MN
1942 GM Mcgee Walter C. Dora AL
1942 RT Ross Walter Los Angeles CA
1942 SM Sargent Thomas Lowell MA
1942 SN Murphy James Bellevelle NJ
1945 YN Buffum Al Watertown MA
1946 SK Mackey James Torrance
1946 SN Roberts John R. (bob) Malden WV
1948 PR Downey Malcolm Pawtucket IL
1950 RM Bergon Clifford (cliff) Lomita CA
1951 GM Keith Winston Louisville KY
1951 QM Matzen Thomas Granbury
1951 QM Parsons Frank Louisville KY
1951 QM Parsons Fra Louisville KY
1951 SK Stewart Carl Morehead KY
1951 SK Stewart Carl Morehead KY
1952 FN Adams Carl Tavares FL
1952 GM Smith Leonard Temple OK
1952 LT Hammond Richard Coshocton OH
1952 MM Elliott Virgil Marietta GA
1953 CMDR Folger E C --
1953 GM Cahill Cason Salem OR
1953 IC Nicholson David Pasadena CA
1953 QM Labreque Willie San Francisco CA
1953 QM Lamontagne Robert J. --
1953 QM Ricketts Bt --
1953 QM Turner Steve (red) New Bedford MA
1954 BM Sigwing Buddy Wichita KS
1954 BM Thole Kenneth Effingham IL
1954 FT Beck Howard Denver CO
1954 MM Lyon William Magee MS
1954 SN Brown Melvin D. Dansville MI
1957 DK Cook Paul Brooklyn NY
1961 BM Collins William St Louis MO
1961 BM Gill Bob Premont TX
1961 BM Hornbrook Thirl Pensacola FL
1961 BM Smyrnios George (gus) Steinhatchee FL
1961 BM Smyrnios George (gus ) Steinhatchee FL
1961 BM Yates Jerry Dallas TX
1961 CS Rodell Richard Eau Claire WI
1961 EM Francken Stephen Durham NC
1961 EM Rice Owen Elmhurst IL
1961 FT Perry Carl Covington VA
1961 FT Seabury Scott South Portland ME
1961 GM Adams Kenneth Georgetown TX
1961 GM Gray Benjamin Baltimore MD
1961 GM Lovelace Don Chattanooga TN
1961 HM Carlson Bruce Two Harbors MN
1961 HT Mullarkey Joseph B Amsterdam NY
1961 MM Bruce Loren East St Louis IL
1961 MM Easton David Saucier MS
1961 MM Smyers Robert Mt Union PA
1961 PC Otenti William Framingham MA
1961 PN Middleton Donald Cobden IL
1961 PN Tressler Lloyd Louisville OH
1961 RD Mai Richard E. Clifton [now Saint Pete Fl.] NJ
1961 RM Dobbins Gary Fort Worth TX
1961 RM Ross Will Chautauqua NY
1961 RM Woodworth Dewitt Stoddard WI
1961 SF Pilak Randall Milwaukee WI
1961 SF Wilkinson Donald Coraopolis PA
1961 SF Wilkinson Donald Coraopolis PA
1961 SM Beattie William Westerly RI
1961 SM Domigan Jim Temperance MI
1961 SN Bono Tony Elmhurst, Queens NY
1961 SN Hamilton Neil Corpus Christi TX
1961 YN Parker Ray Madison NC
1961 YN Parker Ray Madison NC
1962 EM Bilbrough William Denton MD
1962 ET Edgar Donald Mt. Holly NJ
1962 GM Lenane David Braintree MA
1962 MM Baldwin David Desmoines IA
1962 MM Bruce Loren Belleville IL
1962 MM Johnson Donald Ogdensburg NY
1962 MM Spears Earl Saline MI
1962 SM Goodsell Edmond South Bend IN
1962 SM Orgera (orgie) Rich Bronx NY
1963 BM Zaffuto Vincent Brooklyn NY
1963 BM Zaffuto Vincent Brooklyn NY
1963 BM Zaffuto Vincent Brooklyn NY
1963 BT Hines David Baltimore MD
1963 CS Bocanegra Juan Lubbock TX
1963 EN Johnson James Orange Park FL
1963 FT Kenny Ed Brooklyn NY
1963 FT Langlie Olaf Binghamton NY
1963 GM Stewart Hal Burlington NC
1963 MM Hoffman Carroll Darlington SC
1963 RM Mcmahon David Mt. Vernon OH
1963 RM Panzer Bob Hensley AR
1963 RM Panzer Robert Iowa City IA
1963 SK Lopez Mariano Bronx NY
1963 YN Sorrell Robert Durham NC
1964 BM Echols Robert D. Cactusflat AZ
1964 BM Peek James Decatur IL
1964 BM Peek James Decatur IL
1964 BM Tucker Bill
1964 BM Vasquez Thomas R Houston TX
1964 BM Young John Lake Wales FL
1964 EM Sykes Gerald Worcester MA
1964 LTJG Andersen Lars Southampton NY
1964 LTJG Bradford Ray PA
1964 MM Doud Dale Decatur IL
1964 RD Simonds Don Fredericksburg VA
1964 SCPO Gates Edward Eustis FL
1964 SM Derenberger F. E. East Liverpool OH
1964 SM Mccormick Joe Roosevelt NY
1964 SM Mccormick Joe Roosevelt,li NY
1965 BM Testa John Pittsburgh PA
1965 BM Ukele Donald T. (tom) Denver CO
1965 BT Chandnoit Jerry Holbrook MA
1965 CN La Rochelle Dennis Worcester MA
1965 ET Helms Leon Jackson MS
1965 FT Salvatore Kirk Port Chester NY
1965 GM Ullery Terry Hamilton OH
1965 LTJG Work Horace Locust Valley NY
1965 MCPO Toth Joseph Mary D PA
1965 MM Barnard Sam Franklin NC
1965 MM Foltz Jim Muskogee OK
1965 MM Metzler Steve Miami FL
1965 MM Niemeyer Dennis Sarasota FL
1965 RM Murray James Rochester NY
1965 RM Roewert D
1965 RM Williams James KS
1965 SCPO Gates Edward Eustis FL
1965 SK Beauton Richard Thomas West Haven, CT
1965 YN Signorella Jack Hollywood CA
1966 Mccleary Bill NJ
1966 BM George Andrew Watertown NY
1966 BM George Andrew Watertown NY
1966 BM Reynolds Chuck Hayword CA
1966 BT Lindgren Roger Duluth MN
1966 BT Lindgren Roger Duluth MN
1966 BT Lindgren Roger Duluth MN
1966 BT Shope Duane Xenia OH
1966 EM Lay Jack Hueytown AL
1966 EN Davies Allen ( Luke) Springville PA
1966 IC Janota Robert Middleburg Hts. OH
1966 LT Nunnally Thomas Athens GA
1966 MM Hudson Paul Ellettsville IN
1966 MM Londerville Lee Merrill WI
1966 QM Schaller Charles Pryor OK
1966 RM Cave Alan Portland NY
1966 SF Anding Sheldon M. Lithia Springs GA
1966 SM Choquette Richard Central Falls RI
1966 SN Caprood James Hudson Falls NY
1966 SN Cline Wayne Wintersville OH
1966 SN Omalley James Clinton MA
1966 YN Davis David Austin TX
1966 YN Fleming Al Worcester MA
1966 YN La Bara Joseph Brookkyn N Y NY
1967 BT Chambers Ed Toronto OH
1967 FT Forman Timothy Chicago IL
1967 GM Bauman Jerry Appleton WI
1967 SK Booth George K. Wantagh NY
1967 SM Derenberger OH
1968 BM Keith Harv Orange City IA
1968 DK Petro K James Johnstown PA





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