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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 MCPO Farrar Dave Red Dot OH
1980 ET Schaefer Timothy San Antonio TX
1982 CPO Urban William West Columbia TX
1982 EM Vanness Edward Towanda PA
1982 HT Czadzeck Walter Trenton MI
1982 RM Snyder Tim Portage MI
1982 SK Gardzinski Stanley Detroit MI
1982 SM Renaud Dan Howell MI
1982 SM Sell Russell Watertown WI
1983 ET Schaefer Timothy San Antonio TX
1983 MM Little William IN
1983 PN Mccorkle Frank Macon GA
1983 SM Kleber Michael Louisville KY
1984 BM Jackson Andre Washington D.c. DC
1984 CPO Stanis Kenneth Kingsland GA
1984 FC Albert David St Petersburg FL
1984 HT Cheeney John Lansing MI
1984 OS Eltringham Richard Shamokin PA
1985 BM Borgheiinck Gene Fullerton NE
1985 CPO Baca Jesus Santa Rosa NM
1985 EM Pierce Mark Albany NY
1985 ET Schaefer Timothy San Antonio TX
1985 HT Gladkowski Glen Springfield MA
1985 RM Green David Indianapolis IN
1985 RM Paul Alan Campbell NY
1985 SH Dennard David Cleveland OH
1986 CPO Baker Kurt Milwaukee WI
1986 HM Gelis Joseph Slidell LA
1986 MS Mcmanis Harold Lancaster OH
1986 OS Anderson Bob Littleton CO
1987 EM Blankenship David Memphis TN
1988 -- Hardnett Christopher Atlanta GA
1988 BT Keen Brian South Bend IN
1988 BT Watson. Pup. Richard. Phoenix AZ
1988 OS Anderson Bob Littleton CO
1988 QM Strebig Jim Port Angeles WA
1988 QM Strebig --
1989 BM Leets Jeff Los Angeles CA
1989 BM Stuck (whipkey/gagliardi/bryant) Neva Parkersburg WV
1989 MCPO Mamangun Jesse Philippines HI
1989 MM Pitts Kim Jakin GA
1990 -- Henry Ronald F. New Berlin WI
1990 ET Henry Ronald F. New Berlin WI
1991 EM Carolino Alonzo Honolulu HI
1991 FC Silver Sterling Pearisburg VA
1991 IC Morris Mike Charlotte NC
1991 LT Gutman Alan Brooklyn NY
1991 MM Valek Kane San Antonio TX
1992 GM Gilpin J --
1992 GM Vasquez Christopher Mariposa CA
1992 IC Bell Moses Kaimuki HI
1992 RM Little Kristina Providence RI
1992 SK Hellard Richard Knoxville TN
1993 CPO Pierce Mark Albany NY
1993 DC Carlson Andrea Jamestown NY
1993 DC Holmberg Heidi Las Vegas NV
1993 ET Bolton Michael Winter Haven FL
1993 ET Zechmann Duane Norfolk NE
1993 FN Oskirko Josh Imperialbeach CA
1993 SM Yankowsky Chery North Arlington NJ
1994 BM Brown Vincent Pittsburgh PA
1994 BM Morvay Geri Pelham NH
1994 BM Morvay Geraldine Pelham, Nh VT
1994 DC Abel Jennifer Beaverton OR
1994 DC Abel-Melendez Jennifer Roseburg OR
1994 HT Brown John Citrus Heights CA
1994 QM Sousa Mark Dallas TX
1994 SH Miller Veronica Hawarden IA
1995 BT Lopez Stefanie Seattle WA
1995 EM Campbell Stephanie New Columbia PA
1995 EM Smith Gary Indianapolis IN
1995 EM Smith (Smitty) Gary Indianapolis IN
1995 RM Perruzza David Mahopac NY
1995 SH Berkey Vincent PA
1996 BT Dearruda Ed(Ted) Portsmouth RI
1997 CWO Seals Mike Prattville AL
1997 EM Rodriguez Jose Las Vegas NV
1997 MR Polley Raymond (ray) Riverside CA
1998 DC Kittle Michael Detroit MI





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