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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Heath E B Suisan CA
1940 -- Heyer Joseph Cumberland MD
1940 BM Billingsley Oscar Natchitoches LA
1940 CM Hougton Kenneth E San Diego CA
1940 CPO Gibbs Paul Dixon CA
1940 CPO Hopf Carl San Diego CA
1940 DK Braun Donald C San Bruno CA
1940 DK Burner Maarvin L Elkins WV
1940 DK Civitelo Frank Hamden CT
1940 DK Dumont Willard Kingston OK
1940 DK Durr Harold Provo UT
1940 DK Graham A L Eureka CA
1940 DK Jensen Harold Brookings OR
1940 DK Newton William G Hope AR
1940 DK Tackett Lester Flatwoods KY
1940 MM Burkhardt Edward S St Augustine FL
1940 MM Green William Amarillo TX
1940 MM Kinder Thomas Dawson Springs KY
1940 MM Nichols Clarence Falling Waters WV
1940 MM Rose Albert G Hayward CA
1940 QM Gilliland Jack Orting WA
1940 RM Childers Calvin Cantonment FL
1940 SM Ranier Dwight Sacramento CA
1940 YN Chandler Troy K Chatsworth CA
1941 Kroshus Jerome L Decorah IA
1941 CPO Hanna David Walnut Creek CA
1941 DK Chartier William San Diego CA
1941 DK Emelander Henry Comstock Park MI
1941 DK Hewitt Warren Orangeval CA
1941 DK James Billy Delta CO
1941 DK Jemsen Harold Brookings OR
1941 DK Jensen Harold Brookings OR
1941 DK Nardy Art D Euclid OH
1941 DK Penovich Mike El Cajon CA
1941 GM Bobo John P Bedford OH
1941 GM Howard F. B. Saginaw MI
1941 MM Peek Clyde San Mateo CA
1941 PT Kerkorian Mike Fresno CA
1941 RM Figgins Dean La Mesa NM
1941 SCPO Morris Jack Dallas, Texas TX
1941 YN Howell Henry H Columbus MS
1942 -- Mathis Tom Marysville WA
1942 CPO Warrillow Ross San Francisco CA
1942 DK Cicanese Louis P San Rafael CA
1942 DK Dever James Casper WY
1942 DK Hughes Lee O Salem OR
1942 DK Karns Parmer L Lansing MI
1942 DK Kavar Alex Johnstown PA
1942 DK Kovacs Joe Hammond IN
1942 EM Elzea Lester Ft Lauderdale FL
1942 MM Dorsett Orville J Seattle WA
1942 MM Johnson Lawrence Benson AZ
1942 RM Kent Albert Lake Balboa CA
1942 RM Klinger Russell Elizabethtown PA
1942 SK Johnson Willard Fresno CA
1942 SK Keenan Don J Sonoma CA
1942 YN Randall Earl D Seatac WA
1943 Klonicki Anthony F Frasier MI
1943 Sellenrick Wilmar Grand Junction CO
1943 BM Halverson Alvin International Falls MN
1943 DK Schlee Tony Vancouver WA
1943 PH Crary Pearl H Friendship WI
1943 QM Robertson Winfred Littlerock AR
1943 RD Munro Glen Westfield IN
1943 RM Griggs Samuel Lake Havasu City AZ
1943 SK Boldt Thomas D Quarryville PA
1943 YN Griffin Elvin Hayward CA
1944 DK Anielski Ted Cleveland OH
1944 DK Trenholm S. L. Sioux Falls SD
1944 GM Nalley J. B. Easley SC
1944 LTJG Murphy Robert Vredenburgh AL
1944 RD Munro Glen Cowan IN
1944 SC Nave Robert E Cumberland MD
1944 SK Boldt Thomas D Blairsville, Pa PA
1945 Ruiz William B Tuscon AZ
1945 DK Atkins Lawrence Jupitot FL
1945 DK Aynes Harold L Orlando FL
1945 DK Dwiggins Mervin F Peach Springs AZ
1945 DK Frederickson Joseph L Moses Lake WA
1945 DK Inderbitzen Milton Muskegon MI
1945 DK Storing Nelson H Gaylord MI
1945 LT Conners Howard Vermillion SD
1945 MM Darland Howard W Mesa AZ
1945 PH Gallina Joseph Garden Grove CA
1945 QM Armstrong Robert L Baker City OR
1945 RD Hope Arthur D Louden TN
1945 RM Terrell Samuel R The Colony TX
1945 SC Colleti Allan Phoenix AZ
1945 SK Black Hugo Cortez CO
1946 MM Cordwell Ralph H Berlin NH
1995 BM Conn Enrique Austin TX
1998 IS Miller Annie --
2000 Homik Bill San Diego CA
2000 Latek Casimer Willowbrook OH
2000 Sheller Larry Millbrae CA
2000 Tryba Ed San Francisco CA
2000 LT Smith Art San Jose CA





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