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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 SM Simon William Port Chicago CA
1946 BM Starrett Robert Pekin IL
1946 CPO Vaughn Carl West Frankfort IL
1946 OM Bonney Richard Erie PA
1948 CPO Ganitch Michael Mogadore OH
1949 RD Dill Gary Visalia CA
1949 SN Heidner John Brownstown MI
1950 BM Landaker Leroy Portland OR
1950 MID1 Wall Joe Clarksville TN
1950 MID1 Wall Joe Clarksville TN
1950 YN Marsh Hugh Old Hickory TN
1952 BM Voehl Norman Portland OR
1952 EN Pearson John Montclair NJ
1955 RM Rodermund Robert St Louis MO
1956 IC Frazier Ed Kansas City MO
1956 RM Mackey Reginald Gary IN
1956 SF Roger Zink Hancock WI
1956 SF Zink Roger Hancock Wi WI
1957 HM Hindman Orvall Sioux City IA
1957 SC Oneil Charles Houston Texas TX
1957 SK Murphy Joe --
1957 SK Vallance Sam Goshen IN
1958 BM Wilhelm Neal Lincoln NE
1958 CS Jacobsen "Jack ""Jake""" Spokane WA
1958 EM Parmeter George Puyallup WA
1958 ET Tedesco Rocco Syracuse NY
1958 GM Fraser William Palo Alto CA
1958 RM Couch Walter Jacksonville OR
1958 RM Kaiser Phillip C. Then: Sf CO
1958 SM Gregory Leon Conroe TX
1958 SN Arnold Raymond Bay Point CA
1959 Cohn Sanford
1959 BM Bellis Larry Des Moines IA
1959 IC Porter Corbett Bellingham WA
1959 MM Brinks Jerry Waterloo IA
1959 MM Rhodes Keith Arlington TX
1959 PN Prince James Harrisville MS
1959 RM Mickus George New Prague MN
1959 SM Crum Isaac San Jose CA
1959 SM Crum Isaac San Jose CA
1959 SM Enni Andrew Antioch CA
1960 CPL Dibrell Oran Wallace TX
1960 QM Sibley David Baton Rouge LA
1960 RM Klenow Norman East Tawas MI
1960 SN Lenn Robert Evansville IN
1961 BM Fawbush Fred Newport OR
1961 BM Lasher Raymond Garrison MN
1961 ENS Hill Alan Worcester, Pa PA
1961 LT Darling Frank --
1961 MM Carpenter Hobert (gene) Holdenville OK
1962 Omell Alex Centerline MI
1962 EM Almquist Gary Sacramento CA
1962 MM Douglas Robert St. Louis MO
1962 SM Lancaster Douglas Cleveland OH
1962 SM Skoda Danny Mt, Clemens MI
1963 GM Graves Larry Palmyra MO
1963 SM Farnsworth Andrew (drew) Kansas City, MO
1963 SM Simpson Bill Hitchcock TX
1964 -- Rowland David Woodland CA
1964 ENS Abbott Don Woodland Hills CA
1964 FN Poe Virgil Grafton WV
1964 FT Nichols Garry Honolulu HI
1964 LTJG Stern Stuart Chicago IL
1964 MM Naramore Neil (bob) Hillside IL
1964 SN Weismann James Dallas TX
1965 BM Davis Larry Sunflower Village KS
1965 BM Wenger Vernon (Gene) Hurst TX
1965 BT Sutton John Windsor CA
1965 CS Peterman {Moore] Steve [Pete] Gaston SC
1965 EM Baker Nick Lumberton NC
1965 EN Bodor Thomas Wolcott CT
1965 EN Davis Allen Spokane WA
1965 ET Griffiths Colin Avon Lake OH
1965 LTJG Day James Warsaw VA
1965 LTJG Ferguson Jack Pensacola TX
1965 MM Harris Ron San Antonio TX
1965 MM Silver Gerald (jerry) Chicago IL
1965 MM Weston John Tacoma WA
1965 SM Kirkegaard Peter Rushford MN
1966 BM Clary James TX
1966 BM Davis Larry Sunflower Village KS
1966 BM Groebl David St. Louis MO
1966 BM Groebl David St. Louis MO
1966 BM Groebl Dave MO
1966 BM Johnson Edward Mobile AL
1966 BM Lovin Chuck Robbinsville NC
1966 BM Lundhoy Larry Kansas City
1966 BM Servold David IL
1966 BM Servold David IL
1966 BM Servole David IL
1966 EM Neville John Satsuma FL
1966 ET Anderson Richard Glens Falls NY
1966 GM King Sr Byron Perdido AL
1966 HM Mcelroy Dale Shenandoah IA
1966 SM James San Jose CA
1966 SM Daly Kevin Brooklyn NY
1966 SN Rexford Thomas MI
1967 GM Smith Gerald/jerry Omaha NE
1967 RD Beadle David Roundup MT
1968 CS Mack George F New York City NY
1968 ET Reyes Richard El Paso TX
1968 SF Harm Robert Lincoln NE
1968 SK Stanley David Lancaster MO
1969 CS Powell Jimmy Rome GA
1969 DC Golden Walter Fresno CA
1969 EN Batey Russ Toledo OH
1969 IC Jacobsen Ole Coluimbus OH
1969 MM Baran Wayne Chicago IL
1969 MR Yeske Greg Wind Lake WI
1969 RD Dill Gary Porterville CA
1969 SN Pagett Drennen Clinton Mo MO
1969 YN Messer Lee Columbus OH
1969 YN Messer Clarence Columbus OH
1970 BM Souza Herman Honolulu HI
1970 BT Hoyt Donald Lagrange IL
1970 FN Dube Jeffrey Faribault MN
1970 MM Hagberg Shelby Waterloo IA
1970 MM Swonger William Canton OH
1970 OS Moreno Rommel Takoma Park MD
1970 RM Harden Mike Walnut Creek CA
1970 RM Peterson Michael Waseca MN
1971 AE Clapp Roland Chicopee MA
1971 AE Stockton Thaddeus San Antonio TX
1971 BT Horsfall Stephen Ephrata WA
1971 CS Ragsdale Jim Springfield MO
1971 EM Mindes Louis Tucson AZ
1971 EN Chartier Stanley Sioux City IA
1971 FN Peksa Blase Milwaukee WI
1971 FT Rolando John Herrin IL
1971 FT Rolando John Herrin IL
1971 FT Rolando John Herrin IL
1971 GM Balsmeyer David Toledo OH
1971 LTJG Johnson Gary Mcallen Texas TX
1971 MM Andreasen Terry Antioch CA
1971 MM Barry Raymond East Boston MA
1971 MM Barry Raymond East Boston MA
1971 MM Case Hal Sycamore OH
1971 MM Langholff Steve Jefferson WI
1971 MM Walz James Crystal MN
1971 SK Karweik Roger Milwaukee WI
1971 SN Newman Paul Baton Rouge LA
1972 BM Clapp Roland Chicopee MA
1972 BM Galvin Thomas Harbor City CA
1972 BT Crouch Douglas Fresno CA
1972 BT Gunderson Russell New Town ND
1972 BT Peksa Blase Milwaukee WI
1972 BT Whitfield Bill ( Whit ) Monroe WA
1972 EN Powel Art TX
1972 RM Sappington Robert Southgate CA
1972 SM Fredericks Dale Alhambra CA
1972 SN Latimore Ernest Los Angeles CA
1973 ENS Smith Scott Mazon IL
1973 SN Valentine Stanley Chicago IL
2011 HT Reeves Ron Philadelphia PA





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