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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 MM Fullwood Jack Tucumcari NM
1946 SM Cullett John Long Beach CA
1946 SM Winkler Elmer
1946 SW Bizzazzro Arnold Quinsey MA
1948 SM Miltersen Darwin Askov MN
1950 QM Ketchum John Charlotte NC
1950 RM Young Raymond Granger, Medina County OH
1950 SK Starks Philip Cincinnati OH
1952 EM Lammers Wayne Oostburg WI
1953 QM Bryant Ct Bryant VA
1953 QM Martin James Richmond VA
1956 RM Crowley John Dover NH
1957 RM Brown George Baltimore MD
1959 SK Marchant Lemmie Ray Savannah GA
1960 EN Kallemeyn Paul Savanna IL
1960 EN Kindya Ed Woodbury NJ
1960 RM Mohr Robert Van Wert OH
1960 RM Mohr Robert Van Wert OH
1962 YN Fields Alton C Salem OH
1963 BM Estrada Johnny Mecca CA
1963 CS Dahmer Robert Walnut Cove NC
1963 EN Ward Vern Seattle WA
1963 SN Canaway Ronald Rochester NY
1964 EM Belisle Patrick St. Paul MN
1964 EM Faschingbauer Frank Roseville MN
1965 BM Moore Jack Myrtle Beach SC
1965 RM Sheehan Michael Holbrook MA
1966 EN Fairgrieve John Pittsburg PA
1966 EN Thomas Ronald St. Joseph MO
1966 IC Hissong O.c. Kalispell MT
1966 QM Fairgrieve John Pittsburgh PA
1967 BM Rowback Alfred Gloversville NY
1967 RM Leonard David Pittsburgh PA
1967 RM Rushing K Memphis TN
1968 EM Britt Michael Tonawanda NY
1968 EN Jett Dwayne St Louis MO
1968 EN Parker Robert Washington DC
1968 EN Victor Lee Laurel MS
1968 SH Bickard Robert Oceanside NY
1969 BM Heighway Richard Glen Ellyn IL
1969 BM Heighway Richard Glen Ellyn IL
1969 BM Johnson Robert Williamsport PA
1969 BM Reed Keith
1969 CS O Connell Edward Carrollton MI
1969 DM Piechotta Quincy MA
1969 EM Baker Ross Weedsport NY
1969 EM Supernaught Richard Quincy MA
1969 EN Ascanti Micheal NH
1969 EN Eggleston Robert NC
1969 EN Paxton Richard Moorestown NJ
1969 EN Reynolds William Olive Hill KY
1969 QM Cox Gary Clinton MD
1969 SCPO Baer Darrel Durandgo CO
1969 SF Phillips Gene Nashville TN
1969 SM Vales Marcel Mount Vernon NY
1969 SM Vales Marcel Mount Vernon NY
1970 FN Brown Billy Macon MO
1970 FN Wiggins Richard Bedford OH
1970 HT Hough Ed Frederick MD
1970 QM Busse Glenn Stanton MO
1972 YN Easton Alan Clifford MI
1973 EN Cornell Gary Pontiac MI
1973 QM Webb Gerald Elizabeth NJ
1973 SM Bohacik Keith Stafford CT
1973 YN Louie Holloway St Louis MO
1974 BM Miller Grant Stroud OK
1974 BM Sorady Daniel Medford NY
1974 EM Frye Bill PA
1974 EM Frye William Marion Center PA
1974 EM Jasper Brian Rock Island IL
1974 EM Teubert Marc Edgerton WI
1974 EM Towel Tim NH
1974 EN Carl Bill Carteret NJ
1974 EN Leathem Jeffery Knox Dale PA
1974 EN Purnell Tim Logan UT
1974 RM Adams Ronald Rock Falls IL
1974 YN Holloway Louie St Louis MO
1975 SH Montemoino Hector Bronx NY
1975 YN Weber Louis Duquesne PA
1976 BM Clark A.j. Taylor MI
1977 QM Bauer Carl Clearwater FL
1978 ET Lytle Randy Waukegan IL
1979 CPO Van Vliet Richard Stroudsburg PA
1980 EN Thompson Randy Proctorville OH
1983 MS Van Brunt Michael Brooklyn NY
1983 MS Van Brunt Michael Brooklyn NY
1983 QM Kelley Barry Mitchell SD
1983 QM Kelley Barry Mitchell SD
1983 SK Crate Daniel Louisa VA
1984 EM Dolby Greg Huntington IN
1988 BM Whitten Christopher Glendale CA
1988 QM Ashley Brian Saint Louis MO
1989 BM Dallas Michael Clarksville TN
1989 FN Stratman Rodney Seattle WA
1991 SN Santos Lawrence Berkley MA





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