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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 EN Carlson Dennis Omaha NE
1951 RM Patrick George Kinston NC
1951 SK Mccoy Billy Jack Cleburne TX
1954 RM Holland Joseph Van Buren MO
1954 RM Poff Edward Traverse City MI
1956 EM Winslow Hal Asheboro NC
1957 EM Mcfadden James San Francisco CA
1957 EN Pickens Dwain Malta MT
1958 EM Torkelson Tom Baytown TX
1959 Diver Sims James David Decatur TX
1959 EM Lafrombois Larry Devils Lake ND
1961 QM Paulson Robert Seattle WA
1961 RD Fisher George Fort Lauderdale FL
1962 EM Collins Abe Barberton OH
1962 EM Matson Donald Omaha NE
1962 EN Smalley Donald Gloverville SC
1962 SF Stirling Robert Huntington Park CA
1963 EM Hadenfeldt James Ladora IA
1963 RD Carkoski Eugene Grand Island NE
1963 RM Janus Ronald Detroit MI
1963 SF Hayes Jackson Oakland CA
1964 EN Pelleman George Leavenworth IN
1964 RM Goodwell Grover Akron OH
1965 Diver Shorey Donald Verona Island ME
1965 Diver Shorey Donald Verona Island ME
1965 EM Guimond Jim Tracy MN
1965 EM Holter Roger Racine OH
1965 EN Nilsson Steve Vickburg MS
1965 LTJG Escajeda Jose Sulphur LA
1966 EM Shim Moses Hilo HI
1966 EN Reeves Bobby Kermit TX
1966 EN Reeves Bobby Kermit TX
1968 Diver Bell Larry Newark OH
1968 EN Cole Charles Anchorage AK
1968 PN Sliwinski Steve Doylestown PA
1968 RD Rothgeb Byron (bud) Columbia City IN
1969 CS Golwitzer Frank Carroll IA
1969 EN Tennison Mike AR
1969 EN Tennison Mike Petersburg AK
1969 EN Thomas Dwight (thom) Hayward CA
1969 FN Delmonico Rick Minneapolis MN
1969 SM Monks Jimmy Union City OH
1970 EN Morris Michael Yakima WA
1970 LTJG Day Steven Jupiter FL
1970 QM Semmens Michael J Cleveland OH
1970 QM Semmens Michael J Cleveland OH
1970 SK Sterling Ricky Beaumont TX
1971 ET Medeiros Robert H Waianae HI
1972 EM Anderson John Phoenix AZ
1972 QM Ramsey Gary Park River ND
1972 YN Martinez Manuel Douglas AZ
1973 EN Orande Danilo Phillipines PI
1974 QM Ryan Jim Boston MA
1974 SCPO Weichold Clarence Universal City TX
1974 YN Roether Lee Williamston MI
1975 Diver Sweet David Orange County CA
1975 EM Crate Stephen Malone NY
1975 GM Tucker Daymon Hodgenville KY
1975 HT Hill David Howe TX
1975 OS Leblanc Dennis Boothbay ME
1975 QM Juchau James Garden Valley CA
1975 RM Blessant Lew Frontenac KS
1975 SK Shelley Charles Marlin TX
1976 BM Williams Hollis Lake Village AR
1976 Diver Layne Gary Findlay OH
1976 HM Roque Cresencio Manila PI
1976 PN Green Dave Taft CA
1976 RM Hipwell David Oil City PA
1976 RM Johnson Dave Grand Rapids MI
1976 RM Johnson Dave Grand Rapids MI
1976 SM Cherro Mike Duluth MN
1977 Diver Chomer John Elkhart IN
1977 EN Sadural Josefino Bataan Philippines CA
1977 HT Kelly Bernie Havertowm PA





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