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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 MM Eynon Robert Long Beach CA
1945 SN Baggett James Thomas Jackson MS
1951 IC Shaw James Jackson MS
1951 SK Miller Roy W. Allentown PA
1951 SK Miller Roy Allentown PA
1952 CS Maris Dean Boulder City NV
1953 SK Squier David Indianapolis IN
1956 QM Wright Wayne Pasadena CA
1957 SM Rogers James Ashevillle NC
1958 IC Anderson Tom Eagle Grove IA
1959 BM Dahlquist Gilbert Everett WA
1959 EM Hinton David San Jose CA
1960 BM Dundas Edgar Payette ID
1960 BM Dundas Edgar Payette ID
1960 EN Hughes Mack Cordova TN
1963 EN Gould Dean Cedar Rapids IA
1963 RM Keesling Michael Pismo Beach CA
1964 IC Pruyn Marshall Baton Rouge LA
1964 RM Keesling Michael Pismo Beach CA
1966 EN Radder Robert Phoenix AZ
1966 PN Eckert Roy Norwalk CT
1966 PN Eckert Roy Norwalk CT
1966 QM Radford Carl Galena IL
1966 RM Edington Bill Eugene OR
1966 SN Garza Carlos San Antonio TX
1966 SN Garza Carlos Sanantonio TX
1968 DC Richardson George Kingman KS
1968 IC Lawler Paul Woodland Hills CA
1968 PN Flora Ron Indianapolis IN
1969 CS Mcdaniel Ronald Stanton MO
1969 HT Hill Donald Sonora CA
1969 LTJG Kettler Jim Sioux Falls SD
1970 IC Perazzo Roy San Francisco CA
1970 RM Race Jim Hillsdale NJ
1970 SK Laverdiere Jean Lewiston ME
1971 CS Freed Daniel Riverdale MI
1971 EN Lloyd Jack Eugene OR
1971 HT Hackworth William Albion MI
1971 RM Massey Don Columbia TN
1971 SH Torretta Daniel Kearny NJ
1972 CWO Burris William Texarkana TX
1972 EN Mc Ewan Edward Buffalo NY
1972 ENS Krogstad Roger Harlan IA
1972 PN Finch William Columbus OH
1972 SK Lavadere Gene Portland ME
1973 Diver Blea Carlos Bakersfield CA
1973 Diver Spurlock Bill San Bernadino CA
1973 MID3 Matthis Alvin Alexandria LA
1973 RM Cornell Steven West Chester OH
1974 EN Hadley Steven Myrtle Creek OR
1974 EN Parker James Washington DC
1974 EN Saufley Kevin Madison SD
1974 HT Helms Robert Coronado CA
1974 HT Helms Robert Tucson AZ
1974 SN Crain William Walnut Creek CA
1975 BM Jones David Detroit MI
1975 EN Sanders Billy Plumerville AR
1975 ET Schmedinghoff Steve Dublin CA
1975 HT Sivits Dan Hyndman PA
1975 YN Cortese George Pittsburgh, Pa MI
1976 BM Marshall William Poughkeepsie NY
1976 EM Dunn Kevin West Roxbury (boston) MA
1976 EM Dunn Kevin West Roxbury (boston) MA
1976 EN Jackson Kevin Albuquerque NM





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