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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1945 QM Larson Charles Merriam KS
1954 EN Farr Kavanaugh Courtland MS
1955 CS Campbell Alder ( Red ) Rochester NY
1958 CPO Ramm John Sacramento CA
1960 EM Weber Richard Tulsa OK
1962 EM Basel John Little Rock AR
1962 SM Pratt Chester Moorefield WV
1962 SM Pratt Chester Moorefield WV
1963 BM Jones Will Andrews TX
1964 EM Carpenter Ralph Fullerton/garden Grove CA
1965 CS Smith William Bainbridge PA
1966 BM Burns Tom Friend NE
1966 EM Higgens Benjamin
1966 ET Wilson Steve CA
1966 IC Loparco Joseph Cortland NY
1966 QM Tilton Dennis Magnet NE
1966 SM Petersen Steve St. Paul MN
1968 BM Joy Larry Galesburg IL
1968 RM Turner Mike Zion IL
1969 CS Sears Stan Dewey OK
1969 CS Smith John F Midland MI
1969 EN Morris (moe) William San Francisco CA
1970 SM Pangyanszki John Barberton OH
1970 SN Veneziano Matty (aka Vanuci) Milford MA
1971 ET Rowe Dennis Fort Bragg CA
1971 IC Munson Steve Anaconda MT
1973 EN Shriver Melvin Buffalo NY
1973 RM Tometich David Tracy CA
1974 BM Igler David Rosemead CA
1976 BM Gordon Robert Madison IN
1976 EN Webster Keith Napoleon OH
1976 ET Hom Brian San Francisco CA
1976 QM Drogseth Dale Milford NH
1980 HT Shier Bob Gardena CA
1980 MR Cornell Russell Jackson MI
1980 YN Mcneil John Virginia Beach VA
1981 RM De Leon Raul San Benito TX
1982 BM Po.evans Kevin Anaheim CA
1982 PN Henshaw Thomas Placerville CA
1982 SM Sparks Seaman Timothy R. Little Rock Arkansas TN
1983 BM Po. Cowart . Jerry
1983 EN Wyatt Jeff Burkburnett TX
1984 BM Evans Kevin Anaheim CA





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