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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 FC Longo Franklin Manchester CT
1944 MM Prokop Joseph Minersville PA
1944 MM Speich Karl Rochester NY
1956 QM Williams Ted Eureka CA
1957 BM Simpson Roger Roseburg OR
1957 ME Maierhafer Leon Fremont WI
1963 EM Miles Kenneth San Antonio TX
1963 EN Carifi Frank Los Angeles CA
1963 RD Simpson John Lansing MI
1963 RM Robertson Denny St Louis MO
1963 SF Martin Kenneth New Orleans LA
1963 SN Sullivan Michael Vandenburg Afb CA
1964 EM Clements Douglas Houston TX
1964 EM Estes
1964 EM Garland Shorty
1964 LT Skelly John Fredick
1965 BM Champagne Arnold Brooks Minnesota MN
1965 BM Taylor Glenn ( Red ) Cincinnati OH
1965 BM Taylor Glenn Cincinnati OH
1965 EN Larrew Lawrence Boone IA
1965 EN Warner Robert Hartford CT
1965 RD Helsel Robert New York New York NY
1965 SM Jordan Robert Buffalo NY
1965 SN Tays Juan San Antonio TX
1965 SN Tays Juan San Antonio TX
1966 BM Champagne Arnold Brooks MN
1966 DC Black (susen Daughter Of ) Ralph Inkster MI
1966 LT Estock George
1967 BM Monchino Donald NJ
1967 BM Tripp Nelson Binghamton NY
1967 BM Tripp Nelson Binghamton NY
1967 BM Tripp Nelson Binghamton NY
1967 BM Youngman Alan Southampton NY
1967 SF Swenson Michael Madison WI
1968 BM Joseph Ellis Knox IN
1968 SF Brown Dan Weymouth MA
1969 QM Lefever Steven Utica MI
1969 YN Winston Patrick Newport WA
1970 HT Didonato Anthony New Rochelle NY
1971 BM Cox Jim San Francisco CA
1971 EM Lee Warren Albuquerque NM
1971 EN Nestlerode Willis Butler MO
1971 EN Rosell John Lakewood CO
1972 GM Sampsell Donald Mcmillan MI
1974 GM Hackett Joe
1974 SCPO Leverton Lewis
1975 CPO Warnock Stan Hopewell OR
1975 CPO Williams Ronald Pahrump NV
1975 CPO Williams Ronald Pahrump NV
1975 ET Martin Richard Cleveland OH
1975 ET Martin Richard Avon Lake OH
1975 SK Erickson David Emporium PA
1976 EM Wisdom Kevin Claude TX
1976 HT Schaefer Lawrence Scott City MO
1976 IC Boswell David Greencastle IN
1976 MCPO Boyle Daniel Keokuk IA
1976 MS Hickman Michael Grand Rapids MI
1976 RM Harrell Ron Washington Dc DC
1977 Diver Murray Chuck Winslow AZ
1977 EN Lang Kevin
1978 BM Haines Reed Carnegie PA
1978 SN Stair Forrest Milligan FL





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