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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 -- Pruett Howard (Bud) Bakersfield CA
1941 AS Green Lance Bernard Fremont CA
1941 CPO Moore Marvin Pensacola FL
1941 Diver Kincaid Charles Ripley MS
1941 EM Breland Roger Hattiesburg MS
1941 LCDR Lillig Richard Portland OR
1941 SF Ayers Frederick E. Garden City KS
1941 SM Stoughton William Mansfield OH
1942 -- Beedle C Hurst TX
1942 1LT Rathbun Charles P Emporia KS
1942 1LT Rathbun Charles P Emporia KS
1942 CPO Helvey Howard Maysville KY
1942 SGT Westerson Francis Seattle WA
1943 BM Cartwright Theodore Oxford WI
1943 EM Basso Anthony Brooklyn NY
1943 GM Pullen George Stancil Rockingham NC
1943 RM Paul Howard Columbus OH
1943 RM R. Howard Columbus OH
1943 SK Bradshaw Conley Silsbee TX
1944 -- Munson David Shamokin PA
1944 EM Kane William Fort Dodge, IA
1944 ET Dyke Fred Irvington NJ
1944 LTJG Mick Bernard Bussey IA
1944 QM Bolen Harold Bealeton VA
1945 Riley Eugene (N) PA
1945 Young Calvin Mack Independence MO
1945 ENS Snook Walter L. Paintersville (lewistown) Pa PA
1945 LCDR Vay William --
1945 PH Gates Jeff E St.. Louis IL
1945 SK Bumgardner --
1945 SK Cowell Floyd Wheatland WY
1945 SK Felton Jersey City NJ
1945 SK Jones --
1945 SK Schall Robert Bayonne NJ
1945 SK Sweasey Kelley --
1945 SK Turner KY
1945 SK Turner Lawrence --
1945 SM Aldrich Murray (stub) Cortland NY
1945 SM Lerner Bernhart Hartford WV





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