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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1993 MM Mckinley Charlie Brandon FL
1994 EM Cosby Jim Marion KY
1994 EM Dickerson Scott (Billy) Mooresville IN
1994 EM Gainer Pat Pottstown PA
1994 EM Quinn Scott Houston TX
1994 ET Moore Jeff Brownfield TX
1994 ET Pena Celso New York NY
1994 LT Carroll Cj Prescott AZ
1994 MM Bland Leland Cheyenne WY
1994 MM Carter Darron Semmes AL
1994 MM Driver David Houston TX
1994 MM Mcneil Andy Rockville MD
1994 MM Washburn Michael Woodland ME
1994 SCPO Camilletti Paul Wheeling WV
1995 LT Rasmussen Scott Kenosha WI
1995 MM Cadwell Eric Casper WY
1995 MM Davidson Benjamin Byron IL
1995 MM Shaw Nick Hampton VA
1995 ST Buckley Patrick Pittsburgh PA
1996 CMDR Pope Riley San Diego CA
1996 FT Suarez Ruben Miami FL
1996 HM Reynolds Bill Corona CA
1997 CPO Bell Webb Stephens City VA
1997 ENS Turner Chris Kansas City MO
1997 ET Ward Kevin Church Falls VA
1997 FT Leonard Joshua Thomasville PA
1997 SCPO Johnson Kevin Hyannis MA
1997 ST Coffey Shelby Pine Knot KY
1997 ST Mitchell Chris Troy MI
1998 CT Ramirez Joel Manhattan NY
1998 ET Euman Tim Jacksonville NC
1998 MM Jaromin John Waynesboro PA
1998 MM Strickland Richie Ralph AL
1998 YN Olaciregui Ivan Miami FL
1999 ET Rebolloso Jason Chicago IL
1999 SK Riley Randall Bloomington MN
2000 ET Strobeck Courtney Roswell GA
2000 ST Odom Matt Anderson IN
2001 ET Schumacher Damon Jacksonville FL
2001 ET Thomas Andrae New Haven CT
2001 MM Bordo Frank Hillsdale NJ
2001 ST Halsall Chris Lake In The Hills IL
2001 ST Houseright Wayne Severn MD
2002 YN Pitts Mark Mt Pleasant MI
2003 FT Milanowski Dan Lowell IN
2006 MM Vega Nicholas Tuxedo NY
2007 ET Wright Jason Pine Mountain GA
2007 MM Earley Brian New Smyrna Beach FL
2007 SCPO Jacobson Lynn Oakes ND
2007 ST Weflen Paul Chicago IL





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