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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1947 MM Knoth John Seattle WA
1993 DIVER Kulhanek Robert Ypsilanti MI
1993 EM Greiner Cj Smithfield VA
1993 EM Thompson Kevin Atlanta GA
1993 ET Marsino John Merritt Island FL
1993 ET Schumacher Damon Jacksonville FL
1993 MM Perkins Russell Rochester NY
1993 MM Wheeler Michael Asheville NC
1994 FT Herndon Brian Little Rock AR
1995 FT Propst Joel Miami FL
1995 MS Miller Theodore Brighton MI
1995 ST Bates Ken NC
1995 ST Comeau Christian Mt Sinia Long Island NY
1996 CPO Jumbelick James Schwenksville PA
1996 ET Arnold Heath South Royalton VT
1996 ET Billings John Venice LA
1996 ET Torres Anthony Houston TX
1996 HM Reece Shane Kaplan LA
1996 IC Scott Brian Frederick MD
1996 MM Fugate Robert Wilkes-barre PA
1996 MM Pavelko Matthew Leetonia OH
1997 LT Majewski Mike Toledo OH
1997 MM Pollan Tony Bruce MS
1997 MM Towne Buddy Tampa FL
1997 RM Clementi Andre Eugene OR
1997 ST Michalski Russell Milwaukee WI
1997 YN Chubb Jeremy Moncks Corner (Maced SC
1998 LT Joyner Thomas E. Seminole OK
1999 ET Noble Marcus Fort Myers FL
2000 ET Harte Mike CA
2000 MS Perry Eli Trenton SC
2001 CPO Masters Tj Syracuse VA
2001 MM Pepe Donato La Puente CA
2002 ET Douglas Mike Reno NV
2003 MM Greer Harold Seale AL
2005 ET Smalls John Charleston SC
2006 TM Thomas David Mannassas VA
2007 FT Rafalko Adam Dupont PA
2008 CPO Rohrer Paul Richmond IN
2008 MM Holdeman Rachael Colorado CO
2010 MM Mullin Peter Royal Oak MI





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