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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1990 CPO Shellenberger Joseph North Berwick ME
1990 EM Criswell Bob Bay City TX
1990 EM Padre Larry Fort Washington MD
1990 LT Macon Ferrol Pensacola FL
1990 LT Macon Ferrol Pensacola FL
1990 MM Fitzpatrick Christopher Mt. Vernon IL
1990 MM Fitzpatrick Christopher Mt. Vernon IL
1990 MM Thorne Kenneth Delcity OK
1990 RM Nixon Terrell Huntsville AL
1990 RM Scott Justin Mesa AZ
1990 RM Skurzynski Aaron Mechanicsburg PA
1990 SN Damian Mitchell Chicago IL
1990 ST Jarvis John St.Louis MO
1990 ST Michalski Russell Milwaukee WI
1991 EM Wilcox Todd Elgin TX
1991 ET Coviello John Greensburg PA
1991 ET Via Timothy Bassett VA
1991 MM Long James Daytona Beach FL
1991 MM Schmidt Ronald Buffalo NY
1991 MM Thier Jeff Poulsbo WA
1991 MS Steg Mike Phoenix AZ
1991 ST Edwards Joseph Hendersonville NC
1991 ST Gremillion Clint Baton Rouge LA
1991 ST Orlando Jay Chicago IL
1991 TM Olson Brian Castro Valley CA
1992 EM Semencar Daniel Oakmont PA
1992 LT Burke Ron Buffalo NY
1992 QM Kadinger Plankowner Joseph Worthington CA
1992 SN Huntzinger Chad Canal Winchester OH
1992 ST Johnson Russ Woburn MA
1992 TM Wineinger Glenn Dallas TX
1993 CPO Griggs Gregory Gettysburg PA
1993 MCPO Harden Mark Pensacola FL
1993 MM Cavallaro Paul Toms River NJ
1993 MM Frederick Stephan Indianapolis IN
1993 SCPO Mcnally Robert Jefferson City MO
1993 SN Watts Jason Edmond OK
1993 TM Devito Chuck West Islip NY
1993 TM Maddox Roy Odessa TX
1994 LT Callaham Scott Houston TX
1994 MS Kupp Robert Avondale AZ
1994 MS Lamb Michael Cave Junction OR
1995 CPO Kilgore James Adak IN
1995 FT Will Jeff Riverview MI
1995 MM Kirk James San Antonio TX
1995 ST Granito Michael Huntington NY
1996 MM Stewart Robert \\ Cincinnatti OH
1996 QM Hoyer Kendell Azusa CA
1996 ST Pylman Thomas Billings MT
1997 FT Christiansen Troy Logansport IN
1997 FT Christiansen Troy Lucerne IN
1997 FT Perras Eric Las Vegas NV
1997 MCPO Taylor David Elcajon CA
1997 MM Lanni Joshua Anaheim CA
1997 MM Rauch Steven Westport WA
1997 MS Lau Yin Oakland CA
1997 ST Walsh Christopher Rancho Cucamonga CA
1998 CPO Betz Karl St Marys GA
1998 ET Kelly Robert Northridge CA
1998 FT Kubas Charles Greenwich NY
1998 FT Kubas Charles Greenwich NY
1998 LTJG Nelms Todd Jacksonville FL
1998 MCPO Rice Ron Johnson City TN
1998 MM Cook Jerald San Diego CA
1998 MM Ervin Kevin San Antonio TX
1998 MM Reichel David Minnesota CA
1998 ST Riehle Ty Delaware OH
1999 CPO Mathis Joseph Little Rock AR
1999 FT Sink Kevin New Lisbon WI
1999 LT Terrill William El Paso TX
1999 YN Miller Jack Trout Creek MT
2000 SN Stull Jared Greely CO
2000 ST Wilder Scoey St. Louis MO
2001 CPTN Richter Dean Owensville MO
2001 SCPO Addington Cris Summerville OR
2002 ET Schaufus Donald Tewksbury MA
2002 MCPO Johnson Neal Ann Arbor MI
2002 MCPO Johnson Neal Belleville MI
2002 MM Agamie John Toms River NJ
2003 ET Baze Zachary San Mateo CA
2004 FT Folse Bernard Youngsville LA
2010 ET Pavely Mark Union MO
2010 ET Pavely Mark Union MS
2011 ET Lopez Patrick Santa Maria CA
2018 EM Sanchez Matthew Houston TX





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