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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1989 EM Barnhart Michael Harrisburg PA
1989 EM Dickerson Scott (Billy) Mooresville IN
1989 FT Fink Daniel Fort Worth TX
1989 FT Oppel Craig Arnold PA
1989 FT Peirce Bruce Coffeyville KS
1989 FT Skiba Michael Lancaster PA
1989 MCPO Gaston Tony Jersey City NJ
1989 MM Abdulla Skip Starke FL
1989 MM Allen Chris Lynn MA
1989 MM Crissey Mark Somerset PA
1989 MM Weiss Jamie Little Falls MN
1989 QM Oswald Mark Marco Island FL
1989 SCPO Odonnell Ron Danville IL
1989 TM Rogers Wt Glen Rose TX
1990 CPO Beilharz Robert Riverside CA
1990 CPO Beilharz Robert Riverside CA
1990 ET Hernandez Jovenzki Gretna LA
1990 ET Hill Charles \ Letohatchee AL
1990 MM Barletto Joe Beachwood NJ
1990 MM Eubanks Robert Leesburg FL
1990 ST Duffany Robert Newport News VA
1990 ST Dunn Byron Cashton WI
1990 ST Stockdale Marty Huron SD
1990 TM Blanch Tim Dalton MN
1991 CPO Mongiello Marti Philly PA
1991 ET Steele Philip Gadsden AL
1991 IC Harvell Bobby Greensboro NC
1991 LCDR Powell Walter Mt Solon VA
1991 SK Jackson Brandon White Oak TX
1991 SK Rainey Reginald Columbia MD
1992 EM Salzmann Dennis Colorado Springs CO
1992 ET Hoffman Daniel Anderson CA
1992 ET Pardee William Chula Vista CA
1992 IC Miller James Des Moines IA
1992 MCPO Louese Fred Miami FL
1992 MM Boothe Randall Broken Arrow OK
1992 RM Bolte --
1992 ST White Willie Portsmouth VA
1993 CPO Johnson Robert Medford OR
1993 MS Conner Jeremy Midland TX
1993 MS Riley Christopher Bartow FL
1994 CPO Greiner Skip Meriden CT
1994 MM Mars Nathan Grand Rapids MI
1994 MM Reckard Travis Corcoran MN
1994 MS Lipka Chris Cincinnati OH
1994 SN Brown Timothy Cedartown GA
1994 ST Magby Anthony --
1994 ST Troup Allan Grand Rapids MI
1995 EM Weckerly Marcus Portland OR
1995 IC Davis Allan Middeltown OH
1995 MM Cook Jerald San Diego CA
1995 TM S14 Roney N\\\'awlins LA
1996 CPO Green Michael Philly PA
1996 EM Vander Pol Jonathan Wausau WI
1996 ET Trembley William Springerville AZ
1996 MM Gerbert Michael Warner Robins GA
1996 MM Nelson Curtis Ottumwa IA
1996 ST Kessler Michael Cranford NJ
1997 ET Guthrie Jon Pasadena CA
1997 ET Rivera Serafin Nyc PA
1997 ET Wilson John Lambertville NJ
1997 FT Mcgonagle Michael Pembroke MA
1997 MM Mooney Robert New York City NY
1997 MM Sell Josh Graham WA
1997 MM Zehner Michael South Milwaukee WI
1997 MS Irish Robert Cedar Rapids IA
1997 YN Rauert Mike Austin TX
1998 ET Vickers Ed Kingsland GA
1998 MM Antoninich Michael Philadelphia PA
1998 MM Nelson Curt --
1998 MM Tiboni Christopher Mission Viejo CA
1998 ST Lemery Michael South Glenn Falls NY
2001 ET Moore Earl (skip) Auburn WA
2001 ET Thomas Anthony Baltimore MD
2001 MS Holt Richard Fort Lauderdale FL
2002 CPO Stiltner John Houston TX
2002 ET Fields Matt John Day OR
2002 ST Fiorino William St.louis MO
2003 CPO Elliott David Chilton WI
2005 MM Philip Beggs Chicago IL
2005 TM Rodriguez Adan Stockton CA





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