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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Scanlon Mark Dayton OH
1985 CPTN Keef Mark Portland OR
1985 MM Milliser William Waynesboro VA
1986 CPO Warner Roy Torrington WY
1986 ET Rathfelder Ted Clayton OH
1986 LT Shearer Pat South Bend IN
1986 LT Shearer Patrick South Bend IN
1986 LT Shearer Patrick South Bend IN
1986 MM Askins David Huntsville AL
1986 MM Bell Webb Stephens City VA
1986 MS Ullom Richard Canton OH
1986 QM Kinsey Jeff Gainesville GA
1986 QM Reardon James Charlottesville VA
1986 ST Hanau Larry Jamaica NY
1986 ST Snook Dan Waxhaw NC
1986 TM Dusterhoft Richard Alexandria MN
1986 TM Pena Anthony San Diego CA
1987 CPO Marlow Dennis Dayton OH
1987 ET Ferrell Scott Bedford TX
1987 ET Mckenzie Shelley Butler GA
1987 MM Blackburn Jason Fostoria OH
1987 ST Anders Alwyn Arlington TX
1987 ST Dashkovitz David Mansfield OH
1987 TM Jennings Jimmy New Braunfels TX
1987 TM Wiggins Terrence Tallahassee FL
1988 EM Schroll Rich Homewood IL
1988 ET Edwards Travis Port Arthur TX
1988 RM Davis Windell TN
1989 EM Lowander Bengt Norwood MO
1989 SK Early Greg Miamisburg OH
1989 TM Watts Nicholas Frederick MD
1990 ET Elswick Bric Lamar MO
1990 FN Lemos Rosalio La Mirada CA
1990 FT Ferguson Tim Columbus KY
1990 MM Billingsley Melvin Opelika AL
1990 YN Browning Randy Tazewell VA
1991 ET Williams Jon Woodbridge VA
1991 IC Barker Ron Owensboro KY
1991 MM Bell Mike
1991 MM Cullimore Reggie Tampa FL
1991 ST Patterson Lee Wellington KS
1992 EM Hayduk Richard East Syracuse NY
1992 EM Hill Charles Miami FL
1992 ET Mccandless Casey Carson City MI
1992 IC Paschedag Merle Granite City IL
1992 MM Delgadillo Michael Tracy CA
1992 MM Waxman Howard Chicago IL
1992 ST Niefert Eric Garden City MI
1992 ST Sicora Ed Norfolk VA
1993 CPO Ryckebusch Jules Bargaintown NJ
1993 ET Guthrie Jon Pasadena CA
1993 ET Thomas Anthony Baltimore MD
1993 IC Johnson Stewart Clayton NC
1993 TM Hollander Nathanial Temple TX
1994 CMDR Jones Steve Lakeland FL
1994 CPO Connor Michael Goose Creek SC
1994 EM Bernhard Keith Middle Grove NY
1995 CPO Kerrins Brian Yale MI
1995 ST Haines Sam Los Angeles CA
1996 EM Killian Nathan Asheville NC
1996 ET Burns Robert Cincinnati OH
1996 ET Montgomery Ron Landover MD
1996 ET Tolero Ben Virginia Beach VA
1996 ET Watkins George Lexington KY
1996 MM Bylsma Chris Guymon OK
1996 SK Avila Robert Laredo TX
1996 ST Tuttle Brian Greensboro NC
1997 CPO Wszolek Christopher New Haven CT
1997 ET Huff --
1997 ET Skogen Jeff Rosemount MN
1997 FT Shipman Ron Charlotte NC
1997 MM Goodstein OR
1997 SN Allison Gregg Charleston IL
1997 TM Howard Jeffrey Glenburn ME
1997 YN Flores Joey Crack Seattle WA
1998 EM Barnett John Virginia Beach VA
1998 ET Corne Chris Dyersburg TN
1998 ET Vanover Deron South Shore KY
1998 FT Higgins Corey Pocatello ID
1998 LT Clark Andy West Allis WI
1998 LT Jenks --
1998 MM Koch Christopher Quincy IL
1998 ST Higgins Eric Ellsworth ME
1998 ST Lilli Nicholas Toms River NJ
1998 ST Meyers Jeff Fayetteville GA
1999 CPTN Pierpaoli Anthony Springfield GA
1999 ET Rober Jonathan Crownsville MD
1999 FT Foley James Live Oak FL
2000 CPO Davenport Michael Hunstville AL
2000 CPO Mitchell David Montgomery AL
2000 EM Upshaw Joel Philadelphia PA
2000 ET Hogan Mike Bronx NY
2000 FT Phillips David Norfok VA
2000 MS Valadez Michael Chicago IL
2001 ET Studer Hanss Camp Springs MD
2001 MS Ware William Pineville LA
2001 MS Ware William Pineville LA
2001 ST Workman Devin Falmouth KY
2001 YN Hilton Lynn Marietta OK
2002 ET Traphagan Mark Houston TX
2002 SM Love Robert Chester SC
2002 SM Love Robert Chester SC
2004 MCPO Vanhook William Oklahoma City OK
2004 MM Edwards Rodger Ringgold GA
2006 YN Falkenberg Don Melbourne FL
2010 MM George Michael Canton OH
2016 CPO Sawchuk Michael Suffolk, Virginia, United States VA
2016 CPO Sawchuk Michael Burt MI





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