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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1973 Lynn Gary --
1985 CPO Metzger Iii Plankown Harry A. Delaware OH
1985 CPO Showerman Donald St Petersburg FL
1985 EM Lyons Thomas Darby PA
1985 EM Rogers Tom Columbus OH
1985 ET Nealy Michael Myrtle Beach SC
1985 ET Thompson Jeffrey Baltimore MD
1985 MM Skroblus Bruce Streator IL
1985 MS Stone Glenn Mt. Juliet TN
1986 CPO Hollingsead Don Centralia IL
1986 CPO Hopkins John Cincinnati OH
1986 CPO Hughes Alvin Stanton KY
1986 CPO Pearson Drew --
1986 FT Breen Jason CT
1986 MM Palmerton - Plankowner Ron Omaha NE
1986 MM Smith Shawn St. Marys PA
1986 QM Kadinger Plankowner Joseph Worthington CA
1986 SCPO Barrington James Corpus Christi TX
1986 SCPO Barrington James TX
1986 SK Schroyer Larry E. Cleveland OH
1986 ST Dhuyvetters John Easton PA
1986 ST Hinnefeld Stephen Freeland MI
1986 ST Sabino Joseph Aiken SC
1987 ET Lucenti Robert Buffalo NY
1987 MM Greenhalgh Dale Metamora IL
1987 MM Watkins Tj Elizabeth City NC
1987 TM Lusk Jeffrey Powhatan WV
1987 YN Browning Plankowner Randy Tazewell VA
1988 SK Winsininski Ed Detroit MI
1988 SN Erwin Jack Olive Hill Ky KY
1988 SN Erwin Jack Olive Hill KY
1988 ST Anderson Dan Worthington MN
1988 TM Clay Joe Birmingham AL
1989 HM Larson Ronald Jacksonville NC
1989 MM Mosteller Steven Yadkinville NC
1989 SK Keit Michael Richmond VA
1989 TM Pierce Lee Virginia MN
1990 CPO Love David Kermit TX
1990 LT Lindsey James --
1990 LT Passy Albert Houston TX
1991 ST Higgins Eric Ellsworth ME
1992 QM Kollhoff Jeff Lapeer MI
1992 TM Taylor T
1992 TM Taylor T
1993 ET Root Tony Battle Creek MI
1993 LT Vauk Ronald
1994 HM Travers """Jeff """"Doc""""" Los Angeles CA
1994 IC Butterfield Timothy Oxford WI
1994 SK Ward Richard Las Vegas NV
1994 ST Hearst Christopher Colorado Springs CO
1994 ST Herst Christopher Colorado Springs CO
1995 CPO Hillis Mike Panama City FL
1995 CPO Jones Scott Houston TX
1995 EM Booth Tim Pekin IL
1995 MM Johnson Dan Kenosha WI
1995 YN Browning Plankowner Randy Tazewell VA
1996 CPO Hess Russell Chicago IL
1996 CPO Thomas John Georgetown DC
1996 TM Eynon Rob Parkton NC
1996 TM Troxel Travis Nesbit MS
1997 ST Kovac John Johnstown PA
1999 CPO Little Mark Herrin IL
1999 ST Wansart Jeff Buffalo NY
2000 EM Churma George Bethany CT
2000 FT Boyd Michael Mckeesport PA
2000 FT Herndon Brian Little Rock AR
2000 ST Tucci Michael Fredericksburg VA
2001 CPO Bramble Jay Wheeling WV
2001 CPO Clark Brian Lake Placid NY
2003 EM Brink Jed Tehachapi CA
2006 MM Blunt Alexander New Orleans LA
2010 ET Meade Anthony Fredericktown OH





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