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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1970 EM Byrne Bruce Bay City MI
1970 ET Scheie Thor Hastings MN
1970 ET Wetmore Rick Lawrence MA
1970 FT Heitz Thomas Louisville KY
1970 FT Mitchell John Cowlesville NY
1970 MM Peltcher Robert San Diego CA
1970 MM Sass Stephen Hastings MN
1970 MM Thirkill Albert Fallon NV
1970 QM Rydberg Leon Kalispell MT
1970 RM Santillanes Fred Wheatland WY
1971 CPO Hunt Marvin Sturbridge MA
1971 ET Buser David Miami FL
1971 LT Stanley David Bridgeport CT
1971 MM Morgan Bob Piedmont CA
1971 MM Nixon Dennis Greeley CO
1971 MM Nixon Dennis Chadron NE
1972 HM Cooper Joel Amsterdam NY
1972 LT Poirier Bill Boston MA
1972 MM Hayes Joseph Nutley NJ
1972 MM Mihalik Mark Hartville OH
1972 MM Pettiford Hank Portsmouth NH
1972 MM Reynolds Jerry St. Helens OR
1972 ST Bilka James San Diego CA
1973 FT Newbrey Rick Lancaster CA
1973 ST Michonski Eugene Fall River MA
1973 TM Goodson Stretch Rockport TX
1974 MM Liddicote Jeff Garden Grove CA
1974 MM Mclendon Clifton Center TX
1974 MM Thompson Don Flint MI
1975 CPO King Craig Berkeley CA
1975 ET Deruiter Sterling East Lyme CT
1975 ET Deruiter Sterling East Lyme CT
1975 MM Momsen Mike Georgetown TX
1975 RM Hall Stephen Carlsbad CA
1975 TM Gorenflo Ron Lawrenvceville PA
1975 TM Patterson Tom Silverdale WA
1976 CMDR Bradley Michael Pullman WA
1976 ET Patton Kim Stoneboro PA
1976 LT Wallace Larry League City TX
1976 MM Houser Gregg Ft. Wayne IN
1976 TM Benbrook Jerry Virginia Beach VA
1977 ET Jacobs Pete Santa Monica CA
1977 MM Rogers Ben San Diego CA
1977 RM Schive Bob Huntington Beach CA
1978 MM Weigle John Scottsdale AZ
1978 SK Smith Bill Fresno CA
1979 EM Briner Brian San Pedro CA
1979 IC Smith Eric Hood River OR
1979 MM Bohach Russ Coon Rapids MN
1979 MM Livingston Mike Petaluma CA
1979 QM Stouffer Wayne Westchester CA
1979 ST Riley Rick Tacoma WA
1979 TM Lente Greg Albuquerque NM
1980 LT Reid Glenn Talent OR
1980 SCPO Delagasse Mark Yakima WA
1981 ST Bartkowiak Stan Danville OH
1981 ST Bartkowiak Stan Danville OH
1981 ST Cass Chuck Widefield CO
1982 EM Lidstrom Erik Port Orchard WA
1982 IC King Daniel Champaign IL
1982 MM Worden Gregg Lansing MI
1982 YN Espinoza Alberto Lubbock TX
1983 Budnik Bernie --
1983 AE Thomas Jonathan --
1983 ET Huneycutt David Austin TX
1984 ET Osborne Steve Fort Branch IN
1984 MCPO Austin Tommy Bronx NY
1984 MM Hartman Jeffrey Delray Beach FL
1984 SK Myers Kenneth Longs SC
1984 ST Krei Dean Sandy UT
1985 ST Putnam Courtney Amarillo TX
1985 TM Maddox Roy Odessa TX
1986 QM Baker David Irvine MO
1987 MM Berryman Robbie Marshall MO
1987 MM Longstreth John Peoria IL
1987 MM Palen John Los Angeles CA
1987 MM Ritchie Mark Elizabethton TN
1987 ST Newkirk Joseph Louisville KY
1987 ST Newkirk Joseph Louisville KY
1988 CPO Chapman David San Diego CA
1988 ET Colombini Jon Hebron OH
1988 ET Francis Rick Brea CA
1988 LT Kyto David De Pere WI
1988 SCPO Patton Harold Pasco WA
1988 ST Baez Dave Huntington Beach CA
1989 ET Jamison Calvin Harlem New York NY
1989 IC Anderson Brian Belleville IL
1989 IC Burns Scott St.Louis MO
1989 SN Sage Russell St Louis MO
1989 ST Mangus Trevor Broken Bow OK
1990 FT Chiasson Daniel Maynard MA
1990 LCPL Keenan Carroll San Diego CA
1990 MM Kepner Chris Biloxi MS
1990 RM Mathews Curt Villa Grove IL
1990 ST Macdonald Michael Cleveland OH
1990 TM Brackins Randy Oakville AL
1991 CMDR Thornton Wayne Annandale VA
1991 LCDR Reilly James La Habra CA
1991 SK Howard Roy Otisville MI
1991 SN Romias Michael San Francisco CA
1992 CPO Maynes John San Diego CA
1992 ET Cooper Mark Janesville WI
1992 ET Lindemuth Phillip Brockway PA
1992 FT Levine Leroy Albuquerque NM
1992 IC Taylor Tom Wolfforth TX
1992 MM Hunter John St Cloud FL
1992 MM Hunter John St Cloud FL
1993 EM Keszler Erich Wildomar CA
1993 ET Estes Steven Lexington KY
1993 IC Spradley Richard Memphis TN
1993 MM Clark Gregg Barrington NH
1993 MM Davis Kyle St. James MO
1993 QM Sweeney --
1993 RM Clawson Monty Gallup NM
1993 SCPO Yawn Michael Winchester CA
1993 ST Ralston Myles Scio OR





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