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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 QM Williamson James Birmingham AL
1968 EM Elnicki Andrew Jewett City CT
1968 EM Frost Sergio Anaheim CA
1968 EM Mosticone John Midland PA
1968 ET Longworth Michael Chester CA
1968 ET Thompson Dale Taylor MI
1968 FT Abernathy Samuel Veedersburg IN
1968 IC Youket John Maryland NY
1968 LT Ayers Jim Los Angeles CA
1968 MM Kalavitinos Dan Suitland MD
1968 MM Thompson Roger Tiffin OH
1968 QM Schilling Dave Delmar IA
1968 SK Riels Douglas Bastrop LA
1968 ST Lentnet Jerry Ottumwa IA
1968 ST Mitchell Wayne Thomaston ME
1968 TM Roy Robert Dover NH
1968 YN Erickson Lyle Solway MN
1969 SK Murphy Patrick Lyndhurst OH
1969 SK Murphy Patrick Lyndhurst OH
1969 ST Ballard Mac Birmingham AL
1969 ST Ballard Mac Birmingham AL
1970 CPO Carpenter Ciscero Southern Pines NC
1970 EM Eggleston Mike Wakefield VA
1970 EM Mcarthur Mac (ronald) Kansas City MO
1970 EM Weeks Sam Pine Bluff AR
1970 IC Robeaux Johnny Monroe LA
1970 MM King Michael Janesville WI
1970 MM Szafarek James Toledo OH
1970 ST Rosario Humberto New York NY
1970 TM Mohr Ronnie Manning IA
1971 CPO Dobrolet Mike Vancleave MS
1971 ET Cary David Howell MI
1971 IC Vandervliet Bob Denville NJ
1971 MM Mccoy Lawrence (larry) Sterling KS
1971 MM Shaw Michael Dedham MA
1971 MM Wurster Karl Cleveland OH
1971 MS Pooler Raymond Willis TX
1972 ET Findley Bruce Orlando FL
1972 FT Sobkowski Michael Dunkirk NY
1972 IC Dow David Milwaukee WI
1972 LT Gearhart Mike Northridge CA
1972 LT Sheldon Jerry Staten Island NY
1972 MM Buchan Danny Traver4se City MI
1972 TM Dougherty Ben Wyoming MN
1972 TM Reed Fred New Orleans LA
1973 CPO Cox Tommy Caribou ME
1973 EM Snodgrass Michael Florence AL
1973 FT Keating Mike Ft. Lauderdale FL
1973 MM Baxley Chad Sylacauga AL
1973 ST Chaney Duane Indianapolis IN
1974 CPO Dijkman Adam B. J. Snowflake AZ
1974 EM Burge Charles Rockville MD
1974 SN Unger Henry San Antonio TX
1974 ST Fox Roger Tiffin OH
1975 ET Kydd Wayne Lake George NY
1975 FT Johnson Stephen San Antonio TX
1975 MM Mccann Richard Cape May NJ
1976 CPO Holz William Brainerd MN
1976 CT White Don Decatur GA
1976 FT Anderson Raymond Wyalusing PA
1976 IC Bouley Jean Greenville NH
1976 MCPO Darnell Dustin Newport Beach Ca FL
1976 TM May Randy Pittsburgh PA
1977 EM Gilner Rocky Wisconsin Dells WI
1977 EM Williams Kelvin Avery TX
1977 ET Schamp Robert Omaha NE
1977 MM Cunningham Michael Audubon NJ
1977 SCPO Geltz John Columbia PA
1977 ST Etnire Dave Pasadena CA
1978 LT Wolfs Rikk Jacksonville FL
1978 MM Brown James Minnolacunningham NY
1978 PN Paul John Mt. Vernon NY
1978 QM Hughes Walter Queens NY
1978 RM Absher Eddie Wilsonville AL
1978 RM Follett Bruce Farmingdale NY
1978 SCPO Garrelts Larry Ellsworth KS
1978 SK Balloch Thomas Berwick PA
1979 CPO Curran Michael Anaheim CA
1979 EM Brainard Marshall Alliance OH
1979 ET Knight Mark Erie PA
1979 MM Kelch Gary Horsham PA
1979 MM Kreger Robert Port Republic MD
1979 MM Moreau Jeffery Gladstone MI
1979 MM Weikel Gilbert Shamokin PA
1979 QM Stone Alan Ashland MA
1979 ST Morlan Burt Austin MN
1980 CPO Ford Phil Aberdeen MS
1980 IC Henry Robert Bridgeview IL
1980 SK Nugent Keith Holden MA
1981 CPO Pritchard John New Port Richey FL
1981 ET Krug Leonard Reading PA
1981 LT Mohn Stephen Ft. Pierce FL
1981 MS Mawson Jeffrey Salt Lake City UT
1981 MS Strand Mike Tucson AZ
1981 SCPO Weaver Ron (charlie) Gap PA
1981 SM Powell Roger KY
1981 ST Boyer Rick Kansas City MO
1981 TM Langkans Brooks Rochester NY
1982 CPO Hodge Harry (john) Gilson IL
1982 EM Labarge Paul Wilmington DE
1982 IC Moore Tim Allen Park MI
1982 MCPO Meiser Richard New Cumberland PA
1982 MCPO Meiser Richard New Cumberland PA
1982 RM Escher Curt Maryville TN
1983 MM Cook Greg St. Lucie FL
1983 MM Cronley Matthew Roswell GA
1983 RM Warner Steven York PA
1983 SCPO Talley Frank San Antonio TX
1983 SCPO Talley Frank San Antonio TX
1983 TM Leblanc Patrick Brighton M
1984 MM Deitrick Michael Baltimore MD
1984 MM Martin David Venice FL
1984 MM Sizemore Brian Bentonville OH
1984 RM Christensen Arthur Jay Conway AR
1984 TM Evans Jerome Spring Valley CA
1985 CPO Johnson Roy West Pittsburg CA
1986 ET Glapinski John Rock Hill SC
1986 ET Hocking Gregory Kendall NY
1986 LT Smith Galen Yardley PA
1986 QM Diotalevi Eugene Solon OH
1986 ST Maloney Ken Cleveland OH
1986 YN Mike Canell Atwater CA
1987 MM Walther Joseph Greene RI
1987 RM Caputo Steve San Gabriel CA
1987 RM Caputo Steve San Gabriel CA
1988 IC Feuerlein Michael San Antonio TX
1988 MCPO Dixon Charles Sunshine LA
1988 MM Stoneking Robert Uniontown PA
1988 SN Ross James Roscoe NY
1988 ST May Timothy Oakdale CT
1988 ST Wilbanks Joel Hereford TX
1989 DS Ferro Gary Chicago IL
1989 DS Ferro Gary Chicago IL
1989 EM Mckibben Gordon Williamsport PA
1989 EM Rushton Peter Wheaton IL
1989 EM Sullivan Dan Covina CA
1989 FT Rooks Chad Tampa FL
1989 MM Carey Dan Wadsworth OH
1989 MM Lasiter Michael Newton KS
1989 MM Owens Scott Houma LA
1989 MM Waller Bryan Grove City OH
1989 TM Blackman Richard Blountstown FL
1990 EM Chambers Scott Charlotte NC
1990 IC Price Franklin Mobile AL
1990 RM Kochanowicz Mark Philadelphia PA
1990 RM Martin Raymond (dan) Altus OK
1990 YN Bond Kevin Crystal Springs MS
1991 MM Apodaca Johnny El Paso TX
1991 MM Daugherty Brian Portageville MO
1991 MM Sharp Brian Kingdom City MO
1991 MS Gibbons Dan Fenton MI
1991 ST Hill Gregg Jasper TN
1991 ST Otto Richard Columbus Grove OH
1991 ST Otto Richard Columbus Grove OH
1992 IC Phillips Roy Portsmouth VA
1992 YN Stolarek Keith New Orleans LA
1993 EM Cooper Andrew Jackson MI
1993 ET Cox Lloyd White Oak TX
1993 LT Reese Larry Worthington OH
1994 MM Gallagher William Baltimore MD
1994 TM Nelson Doug Roscoe IL
1995 MM Byers Charles Manhattan KS
1995 MM Galles Gary Muskego WI





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