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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 SM Richards Roger Dallas TX
1950 EN Gibson James Mt Jackson PA
1951 ET Patten Gerry Pasadena CA
1952 GM Moritz Robert Boaz AL
1955 -- Clapp Darrell Oakland CA
1955 CT Bonner Ron Tuscaloosa CA
1955 EM Marine William San Diego CA
1955 EN Menefee Dave Glendale CA
1956 -- Geddes Bill- Son Of Jim San Diego CA
1956 CPO Douglas John Philadelphia PA
1956 ET Canutt J Brad Portland OR
1956 SN Gordon (ne Scheimer) Richard San Leandro CA
1957 EM Mitchell John Gary IN
1957 EN Best Clyde San Jose CA
1957 SN Miner Robert Palmer Lake CO
1957 YN Fay Robert San Diego CA
1958 EN Gascon Samuel Prineville OR
1958 ET Schultz David H Davenport IA
1958 MM Hutchens Robert Winston Salem NC
1958 RD Phillips Angelo Thibodaux LA
1958 RM Gemmell Frank Bakersfield CA
1958 RM Gemmell Frank Bakersfield CA
1958 ST Miller William San Diego CA
1959 -- Bates Gary Techumseh NE
1959 ET Richie Gail San Diego CA
1960 ET Cook Adrian Churubusco IN
1961 EM Hilgemann Hal Fresno CA
1961 IC Doherty James Deridder LA
1961 MM Sudman Gerald Webster SD
1961 SM Cook Adrian Churubusco IN
1961 TM Powell Sam Wilmingtion OH
1962 EM Beard James Milton San Diego
1962 FT Vick Leroy Missoula MT
1962 YN Spees Donald Santee CA
1963 QM Guerra Sergio Largo CA
1963 RM Kendig Peter Phoenix TX
1963 ST Burleson Douglas Oklahoma City OK
1963 TM Earls Harold Berlin MD
1963 TM Larsen Robert Stockton CA
1963 YN Spees Don Kahoka MO
1964 CMDR Davis Jay K. Kirkland WA
1964 CS Davis Doyle Dave San Diego CA
1964 EN Mitchell Jack C. Tyrone NM
1964 ENS Werner Keith Berlin NJ
1964 LT Hunter Jack Middletown RI
1964 SO Cash Terry Phoenix AZ
1965 CPO Cartwright Gerald (jerry) Wichita KS
1965 EM Nelson Jim Thatcher AZ
1965 FT Mitchell John N Oklahoma City OK
1965 MID3 Moran Robert Oxford MI
1965 MM Newcomb Larry Scandia KS
1966 CPO Cramer Dalbert Little Falls MN
1966 EM Day Jim (lick) Flint MI
1966 EM Harvey Jim Kansas City KS
1966 EM Harvey Jim Kansas City KS
1966 EM Hauck Victor Muskogee OK
1966 EN Patton Harold Pasco WA
1966 IC Whitecar Terry (snake) Tampa FL
1966 MM Frangiosa Joe Norwood MA
1967 EM Berrettini David Fort Bragg CA
1967 EN Peterson Jim Boise ID
1967 EN Taff Bruce Los Osos CA
1967 FT Coile Mike Tacoma WA
1967 RM Delaughter Talman Hiawatha IA
1967 SK Emerson Terry Toledo OR
1968 EM Thormahlen Jack San Angelo TX
1968 IC Luikart Mike San Diego CA
1968 IC Maysey Michael Arroyo Grande CA
1968 ST Resley Daniel San Diego CA
1968 ST Resley Daniel San Diego CA
1969 QM Mcgrath James Brooklyn NY





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