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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1946 EM Hurley James Portsmouth OH
1948 EN Bolton Herb Pasadena CA
1949 AS Tullis A. Roy Bakersfield CA
1949 ST Lorton Brad Atlanta GA
1951 CMDR Van Deavender Ben Pasadena CA
1952 AS Donald Norman Oakland CA
1952 EN Talladino Pasquale Redding CA
1953 EM E. Wilson Robert Nashville TN
1953 EM Ganey Joseph Washington, Dc DC
1953 EN Kirk Peter New York NY
1953 EN Kirk Peter New York NY
1955 EN Bacon Douglas Glendale CA
1955 QM Graves Hal Rochester NY
1955 SO Verke Darwin Churchs Ferry ND
1955 YN Rothweiler Fred Gilbert (gil) Hilmar CA
1956 IC Wardlaw Bill Coalinga CA
1956 LTJG Myers Mike St. Joseph MO
1956 RM Forrest Warren Paris MO
1956 RM Johns William Osawatomie KS
1957 CPO Halstead Harvey (frank) New York NY
1957 CT Reeks Guy Pioneer LA
1957 EM Miyao George Sacramento CA
1957 SO Camp James San Gabriel CA
1958 EN Hartmann Ray Camarillo CA
1958 ET Peeples Bob Kelso WA
1958 QM Lahr Jim
1958 SD 0wens John L. Philadelphia PA
1959 EM Varvel Chuck Grand Island NE
1959 EN Tommy Bob Pomdale CA
1959 ET Harvey Jim Boyceville WI
1960 John Fresno CA
1960 Thompson Jon CT
1960 EM Quarnberg Owen Wahiawa HI
1960 EN Ramsey John
1960 EN Ramsey John Fresno CA
1960 IC Bryant Robert Decorah IA
1960 MM Ayers George
1960 MM Reynolds Gary Rogers AR
1960 MT Eakes Jim Sacramento CA
1960 SO Aylesworth Rex Bakersfield CA
1960 TM Crago John San Diego CA
1960 TM Legg Henry Mossy WV
1961 EM Gandy Kenneth Concord NC
1961 EN Sheckler Richard Toledo OH
1961 ENS Brennan Franklin \ Newcastle WY
1961 IC Gregory Thomas Tiverton RI
1961 IC Koca Ronald North Platte NE
1961 SO Lynch Mike Marshall WI
1961 TM Powell Jack
1962 EM Jeffries Ted Cincinnati OH
1962 EN Boomhower Ron Norristown PA
1962 MM Jacobs Ken Luckey OH
1962 ST Williams Douglas San Diego CA
1962 TM Dermody Walter Bklyn NY
1962 TM Mayes Jimmy Jackson TN
1963 EM Keenan Michael Boston MA
1963 EM Sullivan Dan Butte MT
1963 EM Sullivan Dan Butte MT
1963 ET Jepson Ken San Francisco CA
1963 MM King Craig Berkeley CA
1963 QM Huber Tom Queens NY
1963 RM Parks Ray Needville TX
1964 EM King Dick Detroit MI
1964 EM Vaughter Marvin Little Rock AR
1964 EN Petzel Jerry Hollydale CA
1964 ET Schermer Jeffrey (jeff) Baton Rouge LA
1964 ET Schermer Jeffrey (jeff) Baton Rouge LA
1964 FT Uhrinyak Jim Phoenix AZ
1964 LTJG Lucas Jerry Hayward CA
1964 MM Hunt Keith Laramie WY
1964 ST Dijkman Adam B. J. Snowflake AZ
1964 TM Peoples Robert Trenton MO
1965 EM Mcfeters Tom New Brighton MN
1965 MM Lawler George Smithtown NY
1966 Snyder Terry San Jose CA
1966 CPO Greenville John Garden Grove CA
1966 EN Baldwin John Raymond WA
1966 EN Fredrick William Minneapolis MN
1966 EN Platfoot Ralph Sidney OH
1966 IC Gisi Rod Trafford PA
1966 MM Lawler George Smithtown NY
1966 MM Lawler George Smithtown NY
1966 MM Olson Richard San Diego CA
1966 MM Rodocker Don Rapid City SD
1966 QM Durant Don Piedmont CA
1966 ST Lemaster Richard San Diego CA
1966 ST West Alvin Omaha NE
1966 TM Bracy Craig Portland OR
1966 YN Snider Terry San Francisco CA
1967 Munden Larry
1967 EM Bergman Bruce Columbus OH
1967 IC Leathers Bob Susanville CA
1967 IC Smith Kent Gray Court SC
1967 QM Huntley Richard Cedar Rapids IA
1967 QM Millman Ken Carson City NV
1967 SM Oberg Lenny Long Beach CA
1967 ST Hart Tom Fort Wayne IN
1967 ST Munden Larry Los Angeles CA
1967 TM Kotler Michael Yonkers NY
1967 TM Rodrigues Dennis Vallejo CA
1967 YN Nadaud Tim Cincinnati OH
1968 EN Hinkel David Leadville CO
1968 EN Hinkel David San Antonio AZ
1968 EN Lankford Steve Willow AK
1968 ET Chandler Steve Springfield ID
1968 FT Baudrau Bob Hyattsville MD
1968 FT Glenn Bill San Diego CA
1968 RM Wasniak Len Apex NC
1968 TM Ray David Center TX
1969 CPO Doyle Ronald Winsted CT
1969 CS Rich Warren Gig Harbor WA
1969 TM Holborow Emil Long Beach CA
1970 ST Smedley Kenneth Baltimore MD
1984 QM Brandmeir James Grand Junction CO





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