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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 TM Caraker Bob Detroit MI
1944 EM Williams Gale Oberlin KS
1945 EM Poag Robert Florence AL
1945 TM Johnson Jim Tehachapi CA
1946 AS Fisher Jack Philadelphia PA
1946 CPO Mccaleb Mac --
1946 QM Ray Badger Colchester CT
1947 -- Locy Don Norcatur KS
1947 RM Beyers Frank Bellerose NY
1948 EM Greene Garth Fordland MO
1949 -- Malley Daniel Detroit MI
1949 EN Bethley Russell Chicago IL
1949 SN Hesselgrave Richard Keego Harbor MI
1950 FC Poplin Ervin Statesville NC
1951 LCDR Graham Woodrow Eldon MO
1952 FT Worthing James Corona CA
1953 EM Hale Carl Burlington NJ
1953 EM Williams Charles Watertown SD
1953 EN Mckowan James Pitcairn PA
1953 TM Sullivan John St Petersburg FL
1954 EN Ladd Richard Barrington RI
1954 RM Stapleton Ronald Grahn KY
1954 TM Shirley Calvin R. Gordo, Alabama AL
1955 EN Wand Al Elizabeth IL
1955 ET Anderson Preston Augusta GA
1955 IC Williams Sam Center TX
1956 CPO Paul Akers Dwale.Ky VA
1956 CS Paulson Martin Minneapolis MN
1956 EN Platt Charles Yucca Valley CA
1957 EM Mcguire Kenneth Belvue KS
1958 EM Corey Charles St Louis MO
1958 EM Lott Bob Payette ID
1958 RM Turney Don South Pittsburg TN
1958 RM Turney Don South Pittsburg TN
1958 SO Ford Charles Hampton VA
1958 SO Ford Charles Hampton VA
1960 IC Riley Donald Hollidaysburg PA
1960 MM Hill Johnny Owen Waynesville NC
1961 MM Hunter Thomas Boothbay Harbor ME
1961 QM Morreale John Middletown NY
1962 EM Marquette Earl Norfolk VA
1962 IC Keith Charles Cocoa FL
1962 MT Rosas Joseph Kansas City KS
1962 RM Searcy Jim Star City AR
1962 RM Searcy Jim Star City AR
1962 RM Wilkinson Bill Sugartown LA
1962 TM Spoor Jeff Concord NH
1963 -- Reuer Jeff Ashland OH
1963 EM Badders William Dayton OH
1963 EM Whitfield Terry Moundsville WV
1963 EM Willet Robert Baltimore MD
1963 EN Hooker Frederick Orlando FL
1963 EN Saul Phillip Long Beach CA
1963 FTM Kendall John Middletown MD
1963 LT Mackenzie John --
1963 MM Carini John Chicago IL
1963 SK Klinger Larry Philadelphia PA
1963 SN Cashman Bennie Kansas City KS
1963 TM Peel Luther Millen GA
1964 EM Weaver Charles (charlie) Cleveland OH
1964 EM Wray Robert Rockledge FL
1964 EN Bunker Robert Portsmouth RI
1964 EN Flickinger Claude Bicknell IN
1964 EN Stonewall Ronald Marshalltown IA
1964 ENS Wass Leonard Chicago IL
1964 ET Rash Cecil Landenberg PA
1964 HM Beeghly Richard Galveston TX
1964 MM Hester Tom \\ New Orleans LA
1964 MM Hester Tom \\ New Orleans LA
1964 MM Hottenstein Harold Budd Lake NJ
1964 MM Judge Charlie Randolph MA
1964 QM Burlingame Carl Centralia WV
1964 RM Masterson Bat Campbell CA
1964 SN Edelstein Ronald Milwaukee WI
1964 SO Bucko Kenneth Danbury CT
1964 TM Booth Edward Ellettsville IN
1964 TM Laverdiere Richard Portsmouth NH
1964 TM Stone Raymond Springfield VA
1965 EM Bolster Richard Quincy MA
1965 MM Schwarze Steve Minnetonka MN
1965 SD Andaya Carlos Balayan, Batangas PI
1965 YN Hanson Alvin Minneapolis MN
1966 EM Bolster Richard Quincy MA
1966 EN Drenner Lou Linthicum MD
1966 EN Mercer Timothy Kefier OK
1966 IC Montgomery Michael IN
1966 MM Hanley Robert Waterbury VT
1966 RM Christenson Gary Parker CO
1966 ST Smith Terry Loomis NE
1967 TM Newbury Peter Portsmouth NH
1967 YN Hogan Ed Atlantic City NJ
1968 ET Hatfield Larry Gales Ferry CT
1968 ET Watton Robert Bay City MI
1968 IC Montgomery Michael Elwood IN
1968 LT Mcleod Sam Bronwood GA
1968 TM Cole Tim Green Bay WI
1969 YN Ward Jim Lowell MA





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