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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1951 CMDR Henry Cappello Naples FL
1952 Altheide George
1952 Ingles William (bill)
1952 -- Winans Wayne Toulon IL
1952 EM Perrry (em1) Clovis (tee Pee)
1952 EM Quinn (deceased) Patrick Brooklyn NY
1952 EM Varner Tommy
1952 EM Young Louis Piedmont CA
1952 EM Young Walton (brigham)
1952 EN Scott Robert (scotty)
1952 YN Tubbs Walter Wesleyville PA
1953 EM Altheide George Talbott 37877 TN
1953 RP Groom Dwight Albany MO
1954 EN Dexter William San Bernardino CA
1954 TM Race Lloyd Verona PA
1955 QM Myers Jerry Center TX
1956 RM Dunsing Clyde Stockton CA
1956 TM Gessford Thomas Hampton VA
1957 ET Cushman Robert B Cedar Crest NM
1957 LTJG Highfill Kenneth Pauma Valley CA
1958 EN Jaeger Bob --
1958 IC Lindsey Richard Vacaville CA
1958 IC Stallings Bill Sandusky OH
1959 -- Dees Bobby Victor MT
1959 EM Grindle Lyle Belfast ME
1959 EM Lonnegren Bob Las Vegas NV
1959 EN Golladay Denny Kalamazoo MI
1959 LT Massimino Andrew 214-341-6895 TX
1959 QM Mitchell James Fresno CA
1959 TM Lang Douglas Amityville NY
1960 HM Mc Donald David Linsburg KS
1960 RM Searcy Jim Star City AR
1960 RM Searcy Jim Star City AR
1960 SO Weston Doug Dumfres VA
1961 SO Kingsbury Lawrence Portland OR
1962 EM Hurst Michael Pontiac MI
1962 EM Swope Bill Altoona PA
1962 EN Mccabe Benny Parker AZ
1962 ET Melvin Ed West Lawn PA
1962 MID1 Graef Peter Westfield NJ
1962 MM Frank Dohn Buffalo NY
1962 MM Mcwilliams George (Randy) Powell OH
1962 SN Nieto Jerry Lancaster CA
1963 CPO Medina Roberto Philippines CA
1963 CS Whitehead Don Rahway NJ
1963 EM Maxwell Ronald Los Angeles CA
1963 ET Loewe Mike Kimberling City MO
1963 IC Fodor Joe Miami FL
1964 CPO Williams John Haiku Maui HI
1964 EM Phillips Lee Tustin CA
1964 EM Sharkey John Beech Grove IN
1964 EM Whitlock Glenn Houston TX
1964 EM Whitlock Glenn Houston TX
1964 EN Lee Thomas Springfield MO
1964 MM Spencer Steve Cupertino CA
1964 MM Spencer Steve Cupertino CA
1964 YN Medina Roberto San Diego CA
1965 EN Stark Robert Jackson MI
1965 ET Ulrich John Van Nuys CA
1965 MT Scarbrough Larry Birmingham AL
1966 EM Davis Jack Benton City WA
1966 EN Perrine Phillip Sturgeon Lake MN
1966 FT Steinke Art Benton Harbor MI
1966 ST Griffiths Robert Baytown TX
1966 YN Nichols Charles Eureka CA
1967 CPO Andis Richa Shoals IN
1967 CT Hollaway Billy Bowie TX
1967 FT Chaves Neal Danvers MA
1967 QM Birlem Gary Watsonville CA
1967 ST Brandorff Rick San Francisco CA
1968 EM Cruzata Nicanor Philippines CA
1968 EM Hughes Ken Meridian ID
1968 EN Luther Richard Milwaukee WI
1968 QM Standlee Larry Windom TX
1969 CPO Merritt Larry Wendell ID
1969 ET Murray Dallas Pendleton OR
1969 LT Booth David Jacksonville FL
1969 SCPO Christoferson Chris FL
1970 FT Quinlan Kevin Mason OH
1970 TM Ottoson Ernie Island Heights NJ
1971 CPO Hedgepeth Joe Pelahatchie MS
1971 IC Murphy Richard St. Joseph MI
1971 MM Abitz Gary Fairmont MN
1971 MM B Gary Fairmont MN
1971 MM Dexter Dwight Sioux Falls SD
1971 TM Pierce Douglas Statesville NC
1972 CMDR Meese Richard Litchfield Park AZ
1972 EM Cave Michael Fulton MO
1972 EM Rossman Bob
1972 ET Mennel Frank Sterling Heights MI
1972 LTJG Steinert Charles Charleston SC
1973 CS Goins Jim Great Falls SC
1973 IC Jolley Rickey Niagara Falls NY
1973 LTJG Grimes Gary Hartford CT
1973 ST Donegan Michael New Orleans LA
1974 CPO Peter Richard Delavan IL
1974 EN Zukoff John GA
1974 ET Busch John Saint Paul MN
1974 ET Demas Gary S. Barre VT
1974 QM Brandner Chuck Baltimore MD
1975 EN Fury Charles New Orleans LA
1979 EM Weimann William Mount Doa FL





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