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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 MM Doering Wilbert Chicago IL
1950 EM Stanton Tom Scituate MA
1950 SN Dalke David Cloumbia MO
1954 SCPO Marble Robert Fitchburg MA
1955 FC Dooley Joseph Mount Carmel PA
1955 QM Pow Joe Bridgeport CT
1956 SN Rollison Benjamin Mt. Vernon NY
1956 TM Mohon Jimmy Beechcreek KY
1957 SO Threlfall Gordon Pawtucket RI
1958 CS Burke Jim Whiting NJ
1958 EM Czahor John Bayville NJ
1958 ET Caglione John Nyack NY
1960 QM Wimsatt Jim (red) Bethesda MD
1960 SN Fuchs William Brooklyn NY
1961 ET Aten Larry Macomb IL
1961 YN Altro Ronald Poughkeepsie NY
1962 FT Prizer Roy Las Vegas NV
1962 MM Heckelsmiller Laurence Quincy IL
1962 ST Remington Mike Manchester NH
1962 ST Remington Mike Exeter NH
1962 TM Hubbard Michael Cincinnati OH
1962 TM Pattison Philip Elkins Park PA
1962 YN Insull John New York NY
1963 CPO Norman Ralph Ledyard CT
1963 ET Burdett Jim Sedan KS
1963 IC Rocci Anthony Youngstown OH
1963 MM Angley Bob Atlantic Highlands NJ
1963 SO Harring Gerald Harring NY
1964 CS Douthitt Preston Pete Louisville KY
1964 EM Bogan Sr. Daniel Philadelphia PA
1964 EM Winnard Jr Thomas N.Scituate RI
1964 ET Bain George Lexington KY
1964 ET Medve Joseph Alexandria VA
1964 IC Evans Jimmy Cleveland TX
1964 MM Jenkins Bernard Augusta GA
1964 MM Stomboly John ( Tony ) Kansas City MO
1964 ST Brady John Mitchell SD
1965 FT Whitty Frank Middleborough MA
1965 MM Durrette Fredric Detroit MI
1966 FT Dolbeck Lance Ticonderoga NY
1966 RM Jernigan Tom Savannah GA
1966 RM Wiley Hank El Cajon CA
1966 TM Bonham Ronnie Watsonville CA
1967 ST Breuhan Chuck Detroit MI





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