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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 EM Huffman Harold VA
1944 RM Evans William Struthers OH
1946 Minish Frank Madison Heights MI
1946 QM Belmont Joe Brooklyn NY
1947 SM Mcilvaine John Washington PA
1948 SN Obrien Robert St. Paul MN
1948 TM Kielar Bill New Castle PA
1950 EN Morton Paul Miami FL
1951 EM Greeman Merrill Salem KY
1952 QM Sutton Linwood Kinston NC
1954 EN West Daniel St Petesburg FL
1954 SO Bernard John Cleveland CA
1955 AB Kihm Iii John Cleveleand O
1955 AB Klincko Donald Cleveleand O
1955 ENS Brady Jim Wynn TN
1955 SN Kihm Iii John Cleveland OH
1955 SN Wiley Dick Columbus IN
1955 TM Thomas Ken Eliot ME
1956 RM Hummel Chris Miami FL
1956 TM Spina Gene Portland OR
1957 EM Kennedy Eugene Reidsville GA
1957 MM Burke Norman Zilwaukee MI
1957 TM Morrow J. R. Clarkston GA
1958 EM Persan Stanley MA
1958 QM Wolstenholme Albert West Mansfield OH
1958 RM Hauck Dick Cincinnati OH
1958 RM Mullin Bob Rutland VT
1958 RM Mullin Robert Rutland,vermont VT
1958 TM Gilbert Dennis New Orleans LA
1959 EN Hahn Raymond Cleveland OH
1959 ET Chelgren Karl Bellwood PA
1960 EM Butler William Perryville AR
1960 EM Sayetta Lawrence Columbia SC
1960 EM White Marvin M. Yemassee SC
1960 QM Nelson Jack L. Valley Grove WV
1960 TM King Bill Indianapolis IN
1961 CPO Stjohn Robert Norfolk VA
1961 ET Gorman Richard (dick) Denver CO
1961 QM Nelson Jack Valley Grove WV
1961 YN Brown Michael Nacogdoches TX
1962 EN Popik Paul Summerville SC
1962 ET Mundy Carsie Gallatin TN
1962 ET Von Gehr Kurt Virginia Beach VA
1962 MM Sandlin Wayne Lake City FL
1963 -- Mccarthy Douglas New Orleans LA
1963 CS Bevins John Charleston SC
1963 MM Luther Ralph Summerville SC
1963 QM Albury Merrill Carlton Miami FL
1963 RM Meyers John Big Cane LA
1963 RM Meyers John Big Cane LA
1963 RM Montminy Ray Goose Creek SC
1964 DC Hory Mike Mobile AL
1964 MM Marsh James Royal Palm Beach FL
1964 MM Mcmichael John Franklin PA
1964 ST Weaver Cecil Chester SC
1965 ET Woodward Grover C. Iii Aiken SC
1966 RM Brown Robert Defiance OH
1966 RM Robert Brown Defiance OH
1966 SK Kreher Bill New London CT
1966 ST Pfiffner Dean Cedar Rapids IA
1966 YN Kolbmann Bernard Philadelphia PA
1966 YN Kolbmann Bernard Philadelphia PA
1967 EM Machen Robert Palominas AZ
1967 EN Carney Paul Wooster OH
1967 EN Richard Iynn(Dirtyrich) Branch LA
1967 EN Richard Lynn Dirty Rich Branch LA
1967 EN Richard Lynn(Dirty Rich) Branch LA
1967 IC Allen John Vancouver WA
1967 MM Dubosky Steve Natick MA
1967 QM Pollard Stan Wooster OH
1967 ST Beggs Bill Baltimore MD
1967 TM Igel Patrick Columbus Ohio OH
1968 EM Oakes Douglas Albuquerque NM
1968 ST Stowers Gerry Moorehead MN





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