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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 RM Crain Rush Sikes LA
1944 SCPO Benson Thatcher Sandy OR
1944 SCPO Dronet Harry Biloxi MS
1946 EN Hylton Bill Heber UT
1949 CPTN Mcguinness Walter Waterbury CT
1950 FN Carlson Edgar (Ed) Boise ID
1951 FC Hansen Daryl Bellview NE
1951 QM Fraser Robert J. Cambridge MA
1952 CPO Castleberry William South Charleston WV
1952 EM Cibulka William Saint Louis MO
1953 EM Frazier Roger Winamac IN
1954 SC Erlandson Kenneth G. Mandan ND
1955 EN Hanniford John Uncasville CT
1956 EN Guilfoil Kenneth New York NY
1956 ET Martin Samuel Columbia CT
1956 IC Null Monty Seminole OK
1956 MM Reynolds Advah (red) Old Lyme CT
1956 QM Silverman Hal Providence RI
1956 RM Martinez Geraldo----marty Gallup NM
1956 YN Adams James E. Atlanta GA
1958 EM Nelson Charles Mobile AL
1958 EM Nelson Charles Mobile AL
1958 EN Strauwald Don Chicago IL
1958 IC Chance William Sevierville TN
1958 LTJG Lenhart Mark Lyme CT
1959 EM Oelfke John Malone NY
1959 EN Wilson Bob Boston MA
1959 ET Jones (usn/ret) Capt James(jim) Little Rock AR
1959 IC Prevost Lcdr Ret John Kansas City MO
1959 IC Prevost Lcdr Ret John Kansas City MO
1959 IC Prevost Lcdr Ret John Kansas City MO
1959 SO Mclaren Dan \\ St.petersburg FL
1959 TM Mayo Jimmy Dothan AL
1960 EM Juby Morley Trenton MI
1960 EM Miller Terrence Indianapolis IN
1960 EM Oelfke John-dutch Malone NY
1960 EM Walton John --
1960 EN Brouse Robert Bloomsburg PA
1960 EN Ellsworth Kenneth North Augusta SC
1960 EN Klindt Ludwig Tampa FL
1960 ET Walsh Jim Waltham MA
1960 IC Tomecek Bob South Rockwood MI
1961 CS Jeffries Raymond Poplar Bluff MO
1961 FT Pickrell Jim Oak Park IL
1961 FT Taggart Walter Riverside CA
1961 IC Bishop Douglas Panama City FL
1961 IC Dillon Frank Santa Ana CA
1961 LT Graveson George Amityville NY
1961 MM Weaver Earl Dallas TX
1961 SO Bone William Phoenix AZ
1961 TM Schmidt Walter Galveston TX
1962 EN Earl Richard Champaign IL
1962 ET Weisenberger John Porterville CA
1962 RM Harris Don Evansville IN





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