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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 CWO Fontana Ernest Brooklyn NY
1942 CWO Seaton Charles Paducah KY
1943 EO Montague Carroll Canoga Park CA
1943 LT Canty James Falmouth MA
1943 LT Morehouse Edward Ardsley NY
1944 -- Wilson Vernon L Tx TX
1944 MM Jones Herbert Cleveland OH
1944 MM Karn Henry \ Stanford NY
1944 MOMM Bagley John Green Island NY
1944 QM Adams Billy Lott TX
1944 SM Edwards Zane Hopewell VA
1945 EM Hamilton William Amarillo TX
1945 ET Ralph Ed Clarksfork ID
1946 RM Walsh Robert Alexander IL
1949 CS White Andy Tulsa OK
1949 EN Gibson Robert Kenai AK
1949 ET Riggs Clyde Phx AZ
1949 MM Schinnell David Olympia WA
1950 GM Mayer William Chicago IL
1950 LTJG Kennedy Alfred Cleveland OH
1950 RM Aumann Glenn Houston TX
1951 SN Randall Arthur (Art) Pasadena CA
1952 SO Roscoe John(Bill) Riverbank CA
1954 IC Laspada Frank Tucson AZ
1954 SO Ramirez Daniel El Paso TX
1955 White Glen --
1955 EM Daniels William(Dan) Amarillo TX
1955 EM Triplett Franklin Le Roy MN
1955 IC Laspada Charles Frank Tucson AZ
1956 CS Willis Ron Richmond CA
1956 EM Lehto Walter Clinton TN
1956 IC Novek Rich Chicago IL
1956 LCDR Philipps """Phil """"Pp"""""" Granville OH
1957 EM Snyder Norman Duke Hoquiam WA
1957 TM Miletich Tom Ocean Springs MS
1957 TM Ripsom Dave Wood River IL
1958 EN Henckel William ( Clay) Houston TX
1958 RM Patterson Dale Clemmons NC
1959 EN Arne Larry Gig Harbor WA
1959 LT Castner Harold Des Moines IA
1959 SM Emerson Charles Sayre PA
1959 TM Nye Ernie Spokane WA
1960 EN Blakemore Ed (rocky) Kelso WA
1960 EN Blakemore Ed (rocky) Kelso WA
1960 EN Blakemore Ed (rocky) Kelso WA
1960 LTJG Gibson James New Castle PA
1960 RM Gilmore Norman Alton Bay NH
1960 SO Friedline Rodney Pacific Grove CA
1960 SO Yates Kenneth Greenford OH
1960 TM Athey Ronald Pomona CA
1960 TM Fera James Tacoma WA
1960 YN Simms Lyman L Tacoma WA
1961 Vincent Michael Gene - Aka Speedy CA
1961 EN Ronk Wesley Eureka CA
1961 FT Smith Oliver R. Cleveland TX
1961 MM Close Ronald Marion IL
1961 MM Holk Glenn Chicago IL
1961 SO Friedline Rod Genoa NV
1961 TM Nields Russell C. - Aka Rusty Van Nuys CA
1962 EM Frost Sergio Anaheim CA
1962 EN Gookin Carl San Diego CA
1962 ET Newbauer Edward Decatur AL
1962 ET Thompson Bruce Burbank CA
1962 FT Hanley Larry Neal Earlham IA
1962 SO Ward Fred Inglewood CA
1963 CS Barksdale Maurice Lockhart, Texas TX
1963 EM Bazzle Harold (Hal) Hickory NC
1963 EM Johanson Robert San Diego CA
1963 EN Dasher Ben Atlanta GA
1963 EN Szymanski William Mckeesport PA
1963 ET Holman David Van Nuys CA
1963 LCDR Gorbel Louis San Diego CA
1963 MM Poniktera John Tia Juana CA
1963 SK Weiss Kenneth Sebewaing MI
1964 Laroux Peter --
1964 EM Ehrig Michael Michigan Center MI
1964 FT Abernathy Samuel Veedersburg IN
1965 LTJG Delgaizo Ted Revere MA
1965 MCPO Zielstra Raymond Spencer IA
1965 TM Bonham Ron Watsonville CA
1965 TM Judy Roger Davenport FL
1966 CMDR Van Deavender Ben Huntington Beach CA
1966 EM Wagner Ron Long Beach CA
1966 LCDR Hildebrand Wayne Whittier CA
1966 QM Huber Floyd San Diego CA
1966 ST Klinger Roger Fox Island WA
1966 TM Graverholt James Seattle WA
1966 TM Jacobs Alvin Poulsbo WA
1966 TM Mcgahen David Bozeman MT
1967 FT Letterman Gary New Kensington PA
1967 QM Hollister James Cornwall PA
1967 QM Sage Byron Vallejo CA
1967 QM Spillane Thomas Taunton MA
1967 TM Flagge Dean IA
1968 Mccann David MT
1968 EN Meyer Gregory Seattle WA
1968 EN Pennock Bernard Woodland Hills CA
1968 EN Valdillez Miguel San Jose CA
1968 IC Christians Bob Spencer Iowa IA
1968 RM Loveless Skip Long Beach CA
1968 TM Taft Randy San Diego CA
1969 EN Berthume Gerald WI
1969 RM Loveless Skip Long Beach CA
1970 EM Gregory Richard Sacramento CA
1970 MM Ehlers Rick Westhampton NY
1970 SN Ingram David Vallejo CA
1970 YN Hammond Jeffrey Colorado Springs CO





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