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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 GM Brachey Jack Louisville KY
1944 MM Johnson Eddie Coke Houston TX
1944 QM Lewis Harold Lima OH
1944 TM Conwell Charlie Birmingham MI
1946 EM Moore Glenn San Diego CA
1947 EM Walker Stanley Sebrig FL
1948 EN Durham William Memphis TN
1948 EN Durham William Southaven MS
1948 RM Johnson Robert Melbourne FL
1949 QM Meyers Roy Wyandotte MI
1949 RM Skahan Paul Brooklyn NY
1950 ET Jeske Alvin Milwaukee WI
1951 EM Talbert Jerry Texas City TX
1952 EM Mack Frank San Francisco CA
1952 EN Farris Richard Wahoo NE
1952 TM Johnson Donald Mission TX
1954 EM Hammond Sid Sedro-woolley WA
1954 LT Bose Robert Plano TX
1954 SO Paugh Ole Miltonfreewater OR
1955 EN Williams Raymond Mystic CT
1955 LCDR Ettner Edward Manitowoc WI
1955 QM Rieboldt Albert Port Angeles WA
1955 TM Follo David Kalamazoo MI
1955 TM Huntington Garn Hatch UT
1956 FT Fleck John Denver CO
1956 LT Hartley Richard Hilo HI
1956 TM Hosman Jerry Wapato WA
1957 CS Carr Charles Brooklyn NY
1957 EM Janca Edward Lyons IL
1957 EM Meyer Donald Harvey IL
1957 EM Stinnett James Alcoa TN
1957 SK Castro Dan Delano CA
1958 CPO Saxon Ross San Diego CA
1958 ET Palmaffy Michael Vallejo CA
1958 FT Reneau Leonard A. Dallas TX
1959 SN Sixby Ronald Oakland CA
1960 EM Cardwell Leonard Pendleton OR
1960 EN Petruy Willie Ennis TX
1960 QM Bridge David Fort Wayne IN
1960 QM Scarlett Herbie Cookeville TN
1960 SO Fugate Roger Montfort WI
1961 AC Harris David Chicago IL
1961 SO Gerhan Ken Hudson WI
1961 YN Florianic Harvey Schulenburg TX
1962 IC Harton Larry Franklin PA
1962 QM Groninga Keith La Crescenta CA
1963 EM Frasier Alvin Wichita KS
1963 EM Klismet Pete Grand Junction CO
1963 EN Westfall Gary Oklahoma City OK
1963 LT Heck Alger Mentone, Ca CA
1963 MM Cook Michael Chicago IL
1963 QM Groninga Keith La Crescenta CA
1963 TM Krantz Larry San Andreas CA
1963 TM Krantz Larry San Andreas CA
1963 TM Rapp Tom Hayward CA
1964 EN Roush Robert Springfield MO
1964 IC Townsend Charles Lewisville TX
1964 IC Townsend Charles Lewisville TX
1964 MM Kirksey Lindell Paducah KY
1964 RM Gasaway Everett Brazil IN
1964 SO Davis Steve Elkhart IN
1964 SO Davis Stephen Elkhart IN
1965 CS Lima Larry R Eau Claire WI
1965 CS Lima Larry R Eau Claire WI
1965 EM Odea Jim Grand Island NY
1965 EN Price James San Angelo TX
1965 MM Nicholson Richard Auburn MA
1966 EN Fountain Ken Vallejo CA
1966 MM Burgess Vern Chattaroy WA
1966 MM Nicholson Richard Auburn MA
1966 MM Ramler Dan Reseda CA
1966 QM Mcdonald Patrick Ventura CA
1966 TM Greer Tomey Warrenton OR
1966 TM Greer Tomey Warrenton OR
1967 CS Nelson David Olympia WA
1967 ET Holmboe Dick San Francisco CA
1967 ST Fisher Roger Butler IN
1967 ST Fisher Roger Butler IN
1967 TM Athey Ronald Pomona CA
1967 TM Miller --
1967 TM Robbins John Bend OR
1968 EN Peltcher Bob San Diego CA
1968 EN Russell Robert Santa Rosa CA
1968 EN Thompson Don Flint MI
1968 FT Egloff Michael Buda TX
1968 IC Davis James Seattle WA
1968 RM Russell Richard C. Johnson City TN
1968 TM Athey Ron --
1968 TM Jones Don Stafford VA
1969 FT Pickering William Aurora CO
1969 QM Huntley Richard Cedar Rapids IA





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