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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 Julian Vincent Syracuse NY
1944 FC Schmeelk Richard Rockaway, New York City NY
1944 LTJG Taverna Walter Jersey City NJ
1944 QM Hicinbothem Walter A. (deceased) Daughter Signing In NJ
1946 Kimmel David Hazelton PA
1947 SF Armer E. Wayne Omaha NE
1949 EM Ramsden Darrell Cape Coral FL
1950 EN Braun Axel Jacksboro TX
1950 EN Cross Jack San Gabriel CA
1950 SO Wilhelm --
1951 EN Oliver Dick Los Angeles CA
1951 SN Wilkinson Harold Alton IL
1952 RM Bilder Don Northampton PA
1952 RM Churchfield Leo Morenci AZ
1954 EN Gilbert James Bethel NC
1954 SN Dawson Danny Lubbock TX
1954 SN Scholz Fred Milwaukee WI
1954 SO Atwater Edward Branford CT
1954 SO Epps Jim Atlanta GA
1955 EM Duemling Thomas Oconomowoc WI
1955 TM Colletti Ronald San Francisco CA
1955 TM Magnussen Clifford Tacoma WA
1956 CS Keith Steve Lafayette LA
1957 CPO Galassini Charles Lee Raton NM
1957 CS Bargus Paul KS
1957 IC Engelbrecht Jack Chicago IL
1957 LT Arrington Robert A Tulsa OK
1958 EM Poole Edward Braddock Heights MD
1958 EN Kugler Jan Galena Park TX
1959 EM Andrews William Bonifay FL
1959 EM Hiler Edward San Berandino CA
1959 ET Matteson Manly (bob) Riverside CA
1959 ET Walker Larry Springfield MO
1959 GS Nowland Lance Manhattan Beach CA
1959 IC Crysler Lynn Chicago IL
1959 TM Hellstrom Lawrence Concord CA
1960 EM Bowman Edward Sun Lakes AZ
1960 ET Hudlow Gerald (gerry) Spokane WA
1960 QM Oxley Donald Longview WA
1960 RM Morley John Howard Tacoma WA
1960 SO Hogeland Gary Melbourne FL
1960 TM Hellstrom Larry Concord CA
1961 EN Helfer Paul Denver CO
1961 LCDR Stein Norman F PA
1961 LT Church Dick Portland OR
1961 QM Scott Wayne Long Beach CA
1961 SO Wolfe Richard Baltimore MD
1961 TM Poole Jack --
1961 YN Lafleur Dan Madison WI
1962 EM Berger Bill Coaldale PA
1962 EM Riolo Greg Chula Vista CA
1962 EM Riolo Greg Chula Vista CA
1962 EN Ramey Fred Unknown --
1962 EN Wilson Harland Anderson SC
1962 ET Dorsi Robert Providence RI
1962 ET Kindred Frank Arlington TX
1962 IC Gerber Gerald (Gary) Ellis KS
1962 QM Hoglund Rudolph Cleveland OH
1962 QM Hoglund Rudolph Cleveland OH
1962 TM Stratton Teresa(harry) St. Petersburg FL
1962 YN Navarro Ernie Baldwin LA
1962 YN Speaker Mark Schaller IA
1963 CPO Stark Milton Asheville NC
1963 EM Colville Jim Bugs Detriot MI
1963 EM Colville Jim Detroit MI
1963 EN Turner John El Cajon CA
1963 SCPO Budeau Bobbie Molalla OR
1963 SN Mitchell John N Oklahoma City OK
1963 TM Calkin Douglas Burlingame CA
1964 CS Lauro John Portland OR
1964 CS Livingston Noyes Marshall TX
1964 EM Deal Roy Mt. Carmel IL
1964 EM Munsinger Frank Palestine TX
1964 EN Nicholas Jerry Denison TX
1964 ET Robichaud Michael Sacramento CA
1964 IC Gaumond Bill Holyoke MA
1964 SN Beaver James Canada HI
1965 CS Irby Everett
1965 EM Shoemaker Bill Parkesburg PA
1965 EM Shoemaker Bill Parkesburg PA
1965 EN Williams Charles Cape Gireaudu,mo MO
1965 FT Soucy Norm Brentwood CA
1965 HM Pearson Don Decatur IL
1965 LTJG King Jim Honolulu HI
1965 ST Miller Edward Chambersburg PA
1966 EM Jeans Tim Eugene OR
1966 EN Holmgren Michael [holgi] Salina KS
1966 EN Stanger Steven Hawthorne AZ
1966 EN Stanger Steven K. Hawthorne CA
1966 EN Wilbur L. Dale Oakland CA
1966 IC Cassell Steven Upland CA
1966 IC Cassell Steve Upland CA
1966 OM Richardson John Dallas TX
1966 OM Richardson John \ Dallas TX
1966 OM Richardson John Dallas TX
1966 QM La Dassor Lynn Rock Rapids IA
1966 QM Ladassor Lynn Rock Rapids IA
1966 RM Roberts Robert B. (clyde) Phoenix AZ
1966 SN Moore John Yucaipa CA
1967 EM Bennett Glen Anahiem CA
1967 EN Buser Pete Seattle WA
1967 ENS Smith Don Chesterland OH
1967 LT Price Joseph (joe) Shelbyville IL
1967 MID1 Izatt Ronald Portland OR
1967 MID1 Mcwilliam John Santa Fe NM
1967 SK Carlson Steve Tacoma WA
1967 SN Waites John Oakland CA
1967 TM Gritten Fred Kingman IN
1968 CPO Terney Edward Malott WA
1968 CT Pocock Peter Chicago IL
1968 EN Neudauer Don St Paul MN
1968 ST Tunis Bruce North Hollywood CA
1968 TM Simmons Dennis San Angelo TX
1968 YN Terney Edward Pendleton OR
1969 EM Harrison, Don (harry) Don (harry) Wheatland CA
1969 EM Mcfeters Tom New Brighton MN
1969 EN Huffaker Larry Dallas TX
1969 EN Rentz Larry (lurch) Detroit MI
1969 EN Young Allen Gloucester MA
1969 QM Thompson Larry Denver CO
1969 SN Rykowski Michael Palm City FL
1969 ST Graves Steve Kansas City MO
1969 TM Campbell John Hoston TX
1969 TM Campbell John Houston TX
1970 Turner --
1970 EN Jimenez Richard Wichita KS
1970 EN Ray Michael Philo CA
1970 HM Massicotte John Iron Mountain MI
1970 MM Henckel Ted TX
1970 QM Dalby David Ogdon UT
1970 RM Frey Jan Dallastown PA
1970 YN Meyer Michael Houston TX
1970 YN Terney Edward Pendleton OR
1971 EN Gillespie John Fort Wayne IN
1971 EN Gillespie John Fort Wayne IN
1971 FN Long Bob Waltham MA
1971 FT Pickering William (marc) Wichita KS
1971 TM Kitchens John (lee) Sacramento CA
1972 LT Henson Neal Silverdale WA
1972 TM Ritchey David Addison IL
1972 TM Vanscotter Ed Wallawalla WA





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