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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1943 QM Keith Horace Barnesboro PA
1944 EM Sanders Bill TN
1944 LTJG Rhymes John W. (jack) Monticello MS
1944 RM Newcomer Alex Pipestone MN
1948 Saunders William --
1948 EN Braun Carl Vallejo CA
1948 EN Hughes Howard Ashland KY
1950 EM Steck Howard Chicago IL
1950 MCPO Culver Joseph New Hope KY
1952 EM Eageny Donald Batchtown IL
1952 YN Randall Arthur (Art) Pasadena CA
1953 RM Smith Edward Lawton OK
1954 EM Cochran Miles E. Jr. Lebanon CT
1955 LTJG Patten Gerry Pasadena CA
1955 SO Treboni L. Tony Columbus OH
1956 ET Palmaffy Michael Newark NJ
1956 ST Schmidt Lon San Francisco CA
1957 MID3 Kowalski Thomas Toledo OH
1957 RM Gasaway Everett Brazil IN
1958 ET Dorchinecz Ernie Taylorville IL
1959 CPO Porter Ralph San Antonio TX
1959 EN Wells Doug Los Angeles CA
1960 CPO Pardue
1960 EN Groves Ken Mc Minnville OR
1960 EN Hughes Stanley L Evansville IN
1960 RM Cason
1961 IC Townsend Jack Forest City PA
1961 RM Cason
1962 CS Dawson Don Rockford IL
1962 EM Kirk Robert St Louis MO
1962 ENSN Jameson Hayes Apopka FL
1962 ET Aldridge Charles Terry Columbia TN
1962 ET Figor Russell Rio WI
1962 IC Barger Lynnie Susanville CA
1963 EM Wray Robert Rockledge FL
1963 IC Beal Jerry Westminster CO
1963 LTJG Welham Walt New London CT
1964 IC Tillman Fredric Larry Chickasha OK
1964 MM Hubert Daniel Sanford ME
1965 EM Moore Michael J Hagerman ID
1965 EM Moore Michael J Hagerman ID
1966 EM Barger Lynnie Susanville CA
1966 EM Colley Doug Sunnyside WA
1966 EN Pickering Bruce Beloit /galesville WI
1966 IC Hartlick Wayne Milkalkee WI
1966 MM Egenes Tim Los Angeles CA
1966 MM Egenes Tim Los Angeles CA
1966 QM Naughton Michael Chicago IL
1966 ST Busch Sid Goose Creek SC
1967 RM Coston James L Houston TX
1967 YN Ward Jim Lowell MA
1968 ET Fleming Kenneth Aurora IL
1968 IC Hartlich Wayne Two Rivers WI
1968 QM Lambrook Dennis Burlingame CA
1968 SN Peterson Keith Saint Paul MN
1968 SN Peterson Keith St. Paul MN
1968 YN Orr Richard
1969 EN Patterson Dan Thermopolis WY
1969 ET Eckerman Jim San Jose CA
1969 ET Sebring James Cranesville PA
1969 YN Morrissette Leo Providence RI
1970 EN Woodruff Rick Columbia AL
1970 IC Dollar Robert Bremerton WA
1970 MM Mccune David Portland OR
1971 ET Opre John Deer Park TX
1971 ST Sarwacinski Bob San Diego CA
1972 CS Bedlien Walter Pueblo CO





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