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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1944 MM Rash ( Plank Owner) Paul Kenneth Indianapolis IN
1944 RM Horton William Memphis TN
1944 SC Greenwood Joseph Derry NH
1944 TM Leesman Robert E. Hartsburgh IL
1948 EM Langhart Ray Baton Rouge LA
1948 ET Blaha Verle Wadena MN
1948 GM Ball Thomas Honaker VA
1955 LT Morrison Joe Washington DC
1955 SN Smith Loal Findlay OH
1956 EM Groseclose Richard Naples FL
1956 IC Hudson Manly Tavares FL
1957 EN Hodge Gary Hattiesburg MS
1957 EN Webb John Gainesville GA
1957 FT Geary Bill Buffalo NY
1957 MM Weaver Leon Waynesboro VA
1959 FT Sullivan John Boston MA
1959 MT Moore Ted Erwin TN
1960 EM Mazanowski Alfred Grapeville PA
1960 EM Sinervo Richard Munising MI
1960 EM Walnum Ole La Grande OR
1960 GS Okeefe Richard North Wales PA
1960 HM Pannell William Vallejo CA
1960 MM Khuen Kent (spider) Lilbburn GA
1961 EM Bailey Allen Tucson AZ
1961 EN Bucho Kenneth Rock Springs WY
1961 IC Todd Carl Lancaster CA
1961 LT Patten Gerry Pasadena CA
1961 LTJG Mcleod Sam Bronwood GA
1961 MM Baker Mike Dallas TX
1961 RM Dunlap William Virginia Beach VA
1961 RM Johnson James (Jim) Sarasota FL
1961 SO Van Teslaar George Concord MA
1961 TM Fernandes Norman San Diego CA
1962 ET Hansher Richard Lincoln NE
1962 ET Varner Steve Decorah IA
1962 MM Gresham Leslie Ada OK
1962 MM Smith William C. Cypress CA
1962 MT Ruprecht Phil Peoria IL
1963 EM Coley Brian Evansville IN
1963 ET Glaza Richard Port Angeles WA
1963 ET Hilton K. Larry Pasco WA
1963 IC Cramer Jim Minneapolis MN
1963 MM Meyers Richard Westminster CO





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