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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 LCDR Jones CA
1953 EN Budnovich Paul Brookville PA
1953 LTJG Rhyne Charles Fort Smith AR
1953 RM Johnson Bill San Bernardino CA
1954 CS Fourby Frederick Buffalo NY
1954 ENS Patten Gerry Pasadena CA
1955 ET Jonker Bill San Gabriel CA
1955 TM Maly Jerry East Orange NJ
1956 EM Sawyer Keith Acampo CA
1956 QM Moss Danny R. Arvada CO
1957 ET Llorca Louis Lindenhurst IL
1957 ET Mcgaha Alvis (Earl) Wooster OH
1958 EM Splane Dennis Grapevine TX
1958 YN Olszewski Raymond \ Tarentum PA
1959 CS Benzick William Le Center MN
1959 EM Mcalonis Thomas Cleveland OH
1962 EN Getts Cy Whitehall WI
1962 FT White James (Jim) Albany KY
1962 RM Roderick Robert Fort Myers
1963 CS Greer Richard Fort Worth TX
1963 EN Henke Rad Evanston IL
1963 EN Tammarine Arthur Oceanside CA
1963 SN Maloney Steve Wethersfield CT
1964 ET Fuchs William Brooklyn NY
1964 FT Barker Donald Memphis TN
1964 IC Bethell Arthur Detroit MI
1964 MM De La Rosa Joe Del Rio TX
1964 ST R. John Pittsburg PA
1965 FT Mcdonald Steve Tacoma WA
1965 MM Glover Ronald Moline IL
1965 ST Krippene Arno Oakland CA
1965 ST Miller Edward Chambersburg PA
1966 CMDR Green William Coronado CA
1966 CPO Davila Charlie Richmond TX
1966 CPO Seva Ramon San Diego CA
1966 EN Hunt Steve Littleton CO
1966 MCPO Poblete Alberto (Alby) San Diego CA
1966 MM Glover Ronald Topeka KS
1967 IC Ruby Philip (tom) Des Moines IA
1967 QM Newton Chris Bradenton FL
1967 RM White Bob Jersey City NJ
1967 ST Cash Carl Tacoma WA
1967 ST Parks John Tacoma WA
1967 TM Barkis Aj Long Branch NJ
1968 CPO Goode James Orange MA
1968 CS Simmons Vernon Comstock Park MI
1968 EM Buehn David Long Beach CA
1968 EN Mckenzie John Ely NV
1968 EN Meyers Web Moreno Valley CA
1969 ET Ruputz Philip Newton MA
1972 ST Alford David Guase TX





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