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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 CMDR Bewley Frank Seattle WA
1943 EM Schmitz Kenny Detroit MI
1943 EM Schmitz Kenny Detroit MI
1944 SM Dewees Randle V. Memphis TN
1945 MM Campuzano Raymond Los Angeles CA
1945 MM Campuzano Raymond Los Angeles CA
1951 CPO Allen Robert Seattle WA
1951 CPO Allen Robert Seattle WA
1952 EM Gardner Robert Newburgh IN
1953 CPTN Adkins Edward Tampa FL
1953 LTJG Adkins Edward Villisca IA
1955 ET Houghton Don St. Paul MN
1955 TM Fulbright Arnold Kalispell MT
1956 EN Castignola Art Santa Barbara CA
1956 EN Redfoot Homer Stonsboro PA
1956 EN Taylor Bob San Francisco/area CA
1956 RD Summerhill Thomas Bakersfield CA
1956 TM Moore Connie Frankfort OH
1957 EN Macgilvra Richard Seattle WA
1957 EN Peters Bill Pittsburgh PA
1957 RM Hentz Robert Albuquerque NM
1958 Harding Dave IL
1958 RM Goodwin George Witchta KS
1959 EM Bowers Merle Princeton IA
1959 EM Bowers Merle Princeton IA
1960 IC Crowston Lyle Langdon ND
1960 QM Jones John Fairhope AL
1961 CS Davis James Seattle WA
1961 EN Quist Robert Sylmar CA
1961 EN Vaubel Douglas Albuquerque NM
1961 QM Lee Lenard Vallejo CA
1961 QM Lee Lenard Vallejo CA
1962 Johnston Walter Mormon Country UT
1962 EM Stuck Larry Dayton OH
1962 ET Ruggles Larry Augusta KS
1962 FN Bonn Keith St. Paul MN
1962 LTJG Williams Tom Bloomfield MO
1962 MM Jaster D. Gary Mechanicsburg PA
1962 MM West Frederick Thompson Falls MT
1962 SO Chuck
1962 ST Bennett Michael Seattle WA
1963 EM Trundy Vince Stonington ME
1963 EM Trundy Vince Stonington ME
1963 EM Vinyard Virgil Kansas City KS
1963 EN Kramer Larry Blairsburg IA
1963 EN Wright Arthur Seattle WA
1963 ET Westgate Arthur Warwick RI
1963 FT Shaum Kenneth Albuquerque NM
1963 FT Yarne Victor Chicago IL
1963 IC Crampton Gary Bentonville AR
1963 MM Berry James La Crosse WI
1963 QM Daly Mike Fair Oaks CA
1963 RM Leanna Myron Neenah WI
1964 CPO Decker William Woodstock VA
1964 ET Etter Sam Lorraine KS
1964 FT Compan Jerry Massillon OH
1964 FT Wayne Kenny Prescott AZ
1964 IC Crampton Gary Bentonville AR
1964 IC Thole Alan St. Cloud MN
1964 TM Hall Don Oklahoma City OK
1965 Adams Terry WY
1965 EM Deboer Jack Grand Rapids MI
1965 QM Osman Walter Gary IN
1965 RM Cook Glen Calvin OK
1965 TM Gosting George San Diego CA
1966 SM Robeson David El Cajon CA
1966 TM Palmer [arny] Gary Detroit MI
1967 CM Burtis Richard Rockton IL
1967 EN Billings Gary Marysville CA
1967 EN Graves John
1967 EN Graves John
1967 EN Torres John San Jose CA
1968 CS Sharp Jimmy Humble TX
1968 EN Torres John San Jose CA
1968 FT Dorr Roger Taylorville IL
1968 QM Henry Mike Columbus OH





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