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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1941 Freeman Wendell Cedar Rapids IA
1943 LT Ploetz George Ellicottville NY
1951 EM Farmer Harry Paso Robles CA
1954 -- West Edward Clarksville TN
1954 EN Pratt James Arbuckle CA
1954 SO Cremeens Charles Monticello IL
1955 EM Luke Howard Honolulu HI
1955 SO Hansen Kenneth Star Lake WI
1956 FT Boldt Louis (ben) Painseville MN
1956 QM Traylor Jefferson Houston TX
1957 QM King Robert Two Rivers WI
1958 EN Collins Roger Unicoi TN
1958 IC Gnepper Arthur Oak Harbor OH
1960 CPO Bartman Carl Rochester NY
1960 EN Odom John Dolores CO
1960 SO Gray Terral Prineville OR
1960 YN Medina Roberto San Diego CA
1961 CPO Miller Roland E Cleveland OH
1961 EM Mccutcheon John Benton ME
1961 EN Cather Jean Littleton WV
1961 EN Cather Jean Littleton WV
1961 EN Cather Jean Westminster MD
1961 IC Beal Jerry Westminister CO
1961 MM Janes Bill Carmel CA
1961 QM Webb Steve Baker FL
1962 EM Naso Angelo Cleveland OH
1962 EN Shore Charles Sparta AZ
1962 SO Harrington Gary Lynn MA
1963 EM Viner Mike Cedar Rapids IA
1963 EN Wolford Lee Zanesfield OH
1963 ET Yarbrough Edwin Bethany OK
1963 FT Dolbeck Lance Ticonderoga NY
1963 IC Semosky Charles Cleveland OH
1963 MM Townsend Ronald Saint Louis MO
1963 QM Brooks Richard Dallas,tx FL
1963 QM Sullivan John Bethpage NY
1963 RM Brown Ray (charlie Brown) Magnolia TX
1963 RM Hinks Gary Chicago IL
1963 SM Brooks Richard (dick) Dallas TX
1963 TM Chiechi Nick St. Marie MT
1963 TM Council Calvin Durham NC
1963 TM Maximo Joseph Simi CA
1964 EN Merritt Larry Wendell ID
1964 EN Olson Joseph Larsen WI
1964 EN Wood Frank Daytona Beach FL
1964 FT Merle Richard Meridian ID
1964 IC Johnson James Alexandria MN
1964 LCDR Steiner Fritz New Orleans LA
1964 LTJG Costarakis Dennis New York City NY
1964 MM Andersen Gary ( Andy ) Seatte WA
1964 MM Mccalla Colin Elizabeth PA
1964 TM Shotton Steven Peroia IL
1965 1LT Merrick Fred Riverside CA
1965 CPO Watson Dennis San Diego CA
1965 YN Carlson Paul Nathan Springfield MO
1966 Wehe
1966 ET Hubbell Carl San Diego CA
1966 QM Haase Wiliam Seattle WA
1966 QM Taylor
1966 RM Axiak Michael Daly City CA
1966 SK Logan Rusty Mobile AL
1967 CMDR West Denton Ft. Sumner NM
1967 CMDR West Denton
1967 EN Martin Danny Pewaukee WI
1967 ET Sako Clem Parma OH
1967 ET Sradeja Art Toledo OH
1967 FT Logan Rusty Mobile AL
1967 IC Murphy John Los Angeles CA
1967 MM Raymond Frank Saratoga CA
1967 TM Lehto Stephen Tempe AZ
1968 ENS Izatt Ronald Portland OR
1968 RM Darby Jim Sheridan MT
1971 RD Wade Garry Amsterdam NY





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