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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1956 EN Willess Albert Rockwall TX
1956 EN Willess Albert Rockwall TX
1957 EM Hellervik Dennis Bloomington MN
1959 SN Paul Dale Botkins OH
1959 SN Paul Dale Botkins OH
1960 EN London Leon Arlington TX
1960 ET Nagle Richard Faribault MN
1960 IC Gamstetter Tom Hamilton OH
1961 ET Hartwig Kenneth Walla Walla WA
1961 ET Rickell Paul Mobile AL
1961 SM Wright William Houston TX
1961 SN Wright William Houston TX
1964 EN Deamicis Giulio John North Hollywood CA
1964 ET Droesch Pete San Rafael CA
1965 EN Renfro Donald Sunnymead CA
1966 EN Norman Richard Marion IL
1966 EN Roades Ronald Anaheim CA
1967 BM Mcgaughy Al Red Bay AL
1967 ET Petrich Scott Sanborn IA
1967 ST Boles Wiley Indianapolis IN
1968 EN Rice James Waterloo IA
1968 EN Rice James Waterloo IA
1968 LCPL Burroughs Larry Losanglese CA
1968 LT Campbell William Des Moines IA
1968 MCPO Lester Henry Windsor CT
1969 CS Sparbanie Glenn Pittsburgh PA
1969 ENS Schneider Daniel Buffalo NY
1969 SK Ayers Eric Red Bank Nj NJ
1969 SM Rosenberg Joseph N/a MI
1969 ST Evans Walter St. Louis MO
1969 ST Pitton Fred Mesa AZ
1970 YN Evans Ward Elmira NY
1971 CPO Shockley David Mechanicsburg VA
1971 QM Epperson James Mick Seattle WA
1972 PN Dunn Earis Big Spring TX
1972 SM Ananias Paul Hacienda Heights CA
1973 PN Dunn Earis Big Spring TX
1978 BM Medina Joe Smiley TX
1978 ET Harrison Christopher San Pedro CA
1978 IC Snow Doyle Oakdale CA
1979 EM Schultz Andrew Muncie IN
1979 SM Sedlak Kevin Saginaw MI
1980 BM Miller Leo Flint MI
1980 EN Bauer Joseph San Diego CA
1980 ET Chitwood C. Dale Vale OR
1980 SM Zachau Gerald Seattle WA
1981 HM Haugen Barry Issaquah WA
1981 YN Tennant Barry West Mifflin PA
1982 CPO Anthony Campbell Marysville WA
1982 EN Baboolall Calvin Tampa FL
1982 EN Crawford Daniel Mountlake Terrace WA
1982 ET White Philip Dunellen NJ
1982 HM Haugen Barry Issaquah WA
1984 RM Hall Columbus Lake Providence LA
1984 RM Hall Columbus Lake Providence LA
1985 SM Sell Russell Watertown WI
1986 EN Boozer Robert Portland OR
1986 IC Billings Bobby Tulsa OK
1987 DC Gipson David S San Fran CA
1987 EN Moceri Tony Detroit MI
1987 ST Cox Jeff Dallas TX
1987 YN Diggs Larry Cleveland OH
1988 LT Powers William Moravia NY
1990 CPO Russell Timothy Portland OR
1990 EN Scott Robert Las Vegas NV
1991 OS Hecht Todd New Port Richey FL
1991 SCPO Chadwell Robert Harlan KY
1992 EN Benton Jimmy Jefferson TX
1993 EM Randolph Dornell SC
1993 EN Flores Alberto Texas TX
1993 HT Donaldson Leroy MA





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