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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1955 CS Mills Rex Monroe OR
1955 SN Hoag Gilbert Santa Barbara CA
1956 Day Martin Dayton OH
1956 BM True Dan
1956 EN Williams Richard Detroit MI
1956 FT Bagwell Grover Bonita LA
1956 SM Berg Allen OH
1956 SM Brockway Jerry Las Vegas NV
1956 SN Elliott Henry Midland TX
1956 YN Storey Keith Seattle WA
1957 SO Howard Frank Globe AZ
1958 QM Rohr Richard Sacramento CA
1960 EN Spohn William Bakersfield CA
1960 SM Bowthorpe Monte Moab UT
1961 EN Knox Keith Whitten IA
1962 BM Larry Hamilton Larry Clarksville TX
1962 BT Boyle Jerry Morganfield KY
1962 QM Capes Ira Oxford GA
1962 SO Maguschak Ed Los Angeles CA
1963 BM Bowman Mac Abilene TX
1963 ENS Chapman George Saginaw MI
1963 RM Abruzzo Anthony New York City NY
1963 RM Abruzzo Anthony New York City NY
1964 EM Jack Bayonne NJ
1964 EM Gallagher Jack Bayonne NJ
1965 EM Sheldon Robert Leominster MA
1965 RD Reinbolt Gene Sacramento CA
1966 EN Liden Dennis Snohomish WA
1966 EN Plyler Curtis Charlotte NC
1966 SM Fellers Tim Toledo OH
1967 BM Mueske Stanley Rochester MN
1967 IC Hooker Allen \\ Evart MI
1968 BM Fiegel William Mt Prospect IL
1968 CPO Richmond Adam Windsor CT
1968 EN Carpenter Brian Milledgeville, Ga GA
1968 EN Carpenter Brian San Luis Obispo CA
1968 EN Glezos Michael Salt Lake City UT
1968 EN Scott Robert Port Townsend WA
1968 ET Stevens Raymond (rick) Duluth MN
1968 FC Presto Sam
1968 GM Bradley Dale Seattle WA
1968 LTJG Green Bill Miami FL
1968 RD Stinson John Brent Champaign IL
1969 EN Doane Cliff Manchester MA
1970 BM Raschke Greg Amityville NY
1970 DC Mercer David Fort Worth TX
1971 EN Sadleir Ben Elko NV
1971 LT Pattison Jim Las Vegas NV
1973 EM Lattke Ralph Savannah GA
1973 IC Ernzer Keith Kailua, Oahu HI
1973 OS Skinner D A Sallisaw OK
1974 BM Williams Kenneth North Las Vegas NV
1974 EN Mccollum Howard (mac) Beckley WV
1975 ET Cox Greg Bremerton WA
1975 HT Canavan Bob Nashua NH
1977 EM Mills Thomas Pasco WA
1979 EM Thompson Vance Oakdale CA
1979 MS Mallow Charles Seattle WA
1979 QM Cesaro Wayne Newark NJ
1979 RM Miller James Oak Harbor WA
1980 EM Grantham Mark Lewistown MT
1980 MS Lawson Thomas Tacoma WA
1980 ST Oshaughnessy Vincent Babylon NY
1981 EN Mckenna Charles Great Falls MT
1981 PN Magill William Pawtucket RI
1982 EN Buscher John Lombard IL
1982 ET Sedlewicz Michael Montclair NJ
1982 RM Bartke Ronald Rochelle Park NJ
1984 CPO Koths Peter Dearborn MI
1984 EN Breese Mark Wrangell AK
1984 EN Breese Mark Wrangell AK
1984 SM Wallace Charles Laporte TX
1984 SN Brimmer Richard Whitesburg KY
1985 CPO Gibson Mike Vancouver WA
1985 EN Upchurch Walter Fort Gordon GA
1987 BM Balch Roderick Canon City CO
1987 BM Bos Perry Spokane WA
1987 IC Jones Scott Indianapolis IN
1987 SN Deal Ronnie Patrick Springs VA
1987 SN Mulherin Richard St Peters MO
1988 EN Scott Robert Las Vegas NV
1988 HM Gilson Mark Lancaster CA
1988 OS Hainline John Richland WA
1988 ST Cox Jeff Dallas TX
1989 FC Bruce John Llano TX
1989 LT Long Matthew Colfax WA
1990 GM Grier Maurice Lancaster SC
1991 DC Inger Dylan Weiser ID
1991 EM Jordan James Las Vegas NV
1991 EN Kulas Jacob Burlington WI
1991 LT Strange Bob Fairfax Station VA
1991 MS Campos John Toledo OH
1992 EN Bordelon Keith Marksville LA
1993 LCDR Ward Douglas Shenandoah IA





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