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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1954 EN Miller Ronald Fairlawn NJ
1956 BT Malaby James Philadelphia PA
1957 EM Maciejewski Marty Union NJ
1957 ENS White William Dayton OH
1959 BM Joswick Steve Utica NY
1959 EN Lemire (louie) Keith Sanford ME
1959 EN Soldato Lee Pittsfield MA
1959 EN Soldato Lee Pittsfield MA
1959 IC Erb Harold Lewisburg PA
1959 SK Byrne Mike Syracuse NY
1959 SM Byrne Michael Syracuse NY
1960 EN Capello John P.
1960 ENS Dooley John Boston MA
1960 RM Sovel James Westland MI
1960 SM Decesare Thomas P.
1962 SM Dennison Curtis Hull MA
1963 RD Towers Gary Baraboo WI
1964 EN Griffin Gerald Newport KY
1964 HT Jacks Leo Forrest City AR
1965 Washington James Boston MA
1966 Gilly Charles Atmore AL
1966 BT Gwaldo Charles Bricktown NJ
1966 BT Gwaldo Charles Bricktown TX
1966 EN Bowler Gary Lyons Ny NY
1966 HM Johnsen Russell Benson MN
1966 MS Colvin Larry Hattieburg MS
1966 RM Fertig Allen Palmyra PA
1966 ST Leduc William Circle Pines MN
1966 YN Colvin Larry Hattieburg MS
1967 BM Jacks Herbert Forrest City AR
1968 -- Fuller Lee North Attleboro MA
1968 -- Webb Ronald WV
1968 BM Webb Ronald Clarksburg WV
1968 EA Fuller Lee North Attleboro MA
1968 EN Nale Leon Florence AL
1968 RD Hanks Richard Anderson SC
1968 RD Hanks Richard Anderson SC
1969 Crewes David Jacksonville FL
1969 EN Lindermann Warren Dover PA
1969 EN Marak Michael Detroit MI
1969 EN Uliasz Richard Philadelphia PA





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