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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1954 LTJG Uhrig William Alhambra CA
1954 QM Buckingham Taylor Fort Worth TX
1956 SN Hoag Gilbert Santa Barbara CA
1956 SN Holder Earl Cody WY
1959 FN Barnes Edge Raleigh NC
1959 LCDR Christoph Karl San Diego CA
1959 SM Hand Rupert Reseda CA
1960 RM Schwab Ronald Saratoga CA
1960 SN Krzeminski Roger Hamtramck MI
1961 EM Dobbins David
1961 EM Schneider Jim
1961 EN Webster Ira St. James MO
1961 IC Johnson George Albuquerque NM
1963 EM Cohagan Richard Columbus OH
1963 LTJG Mcneely Ellis Kountze TX
1964 BM Petersen Paul Omaha NE
1964 GM Stenhjem Peter Devils Lake ND
1964 RM Simpson Dennis Lincoln NE
1964 RM Tweedt Wayne Torrance CA
1965 EN Bond Robert Jeffery City WY
1965 EN Bond Robert WY
1965 EN Ganster Charles Ephrata PA
1965 RD Mallory Charles Greensboro PA
1965 YN Clark James (hubbs) Brooklyn NY
1966 ET Lambert Leroy Liberal KS
1966 RM Marshall Charles Hattiesburg MS
1966 SM Miller Charlie Fairbank IA
1967 BM Roman Manuel Norwalk CA
1967 EN Force Brody Bud Middletown NJ
1967 EN Ronjoin Kenneth Crescent City CA
1967 EN Tosh Douglas (doug) Jonesboro AR
1968 GM Jones Jr Henry C Oklahoma OK
1968 IC Cramer Thomas Greenville SC
1968 SK Wilkerson Albert Gravel Switch KY
1969 ET Aloway Jim Socorro NM
1969 GM Hall Glen New Castle DE
1969 IC Meenan Tim San Rafael CA
1969 RD Boothe Daniel(barney) Roanoke VA
1969 RD Boothe(barney) Daniel Roanoke VA
1969 RD Goodnite Jerry Lenoir NC
1969 RD Lambert James Longbeach CA
1969 RD Lashlee Al W. Memphis AR
1969 SD David Gil Manila Philippines VA
1969 ST Straus James Madison WI
1970 -- Gambina Steve Buena Park CA
1970 DC Selby Larry Woodland Hills CA
1970 EM Sacuskie Don Chester CA
1970 EM Sacuskie Don Chester CA
1970 GM Kays Shepard (skip) Verona NJ
1970 IC Grady Mclean Mobile AL
1970 MS Ferrer Rolando Brentwood CA
1971 EN Rogerson Terry Kaysville UT
1971 PN Preston Benny Pasadena TX
1972 EN Lincoln Larry Philadelphia PA
1973 BM Paine Robert Highland CA
1973 ENS Holstein Daniel Columbus OH
1973 HT Lewis Terry Creston IA
1974 EM Johnson Paul Milwaukee WI
1974 EM Lee Gary Plains KS
1974 IC Loomis Steven La Crosse WI
1977 EN Ayers Mark Port Allegany PA
1978 ST Lewis William. Snyder TX
1979 EN Jones Wayne Kirkland WA
1980 EN Hand Michael San Jose CA
1980 ST Elizondo Rodolfo Rocksprings TX
1980 ST Laflam Thomas (tj) Bristol VT
1980 YN Casares Ernest Eagle Pass TX
1981 EN Ayala Jerry Post TX
1981 FN Ekberg William West Boylston MA
1982 CPO Burke Peter San Diego CA
1982 HT Englund Dan St. Paul MN
1982 HT Martin Terrell Tampa FL
1983 BM Stewart Wilton (tony) Victoria TX
1983 RM Cook Bruce Duncan OK
1984 GM Pettengill Bryan Petaluma CA
1985 CPO Gibbs Steven (little Stevie) Windsor CT
1985 CPO Jakoby John Chicago IL
1985 EN Polack John Hinkley CA
1985 RM Roark Mike Harrisonburg VA
1986 EM Wall Benjamin Seattle WA
1987 BM Bjornstad Leith Santa Clarita CA
1987 BM Knox Alfonzo Chicago IL
1987 BM Wilson Kenneth CT
1987 BM Wilson Kenneth Hartford CT
1987 ET Acosta Marcos San Antonio TX
1987 QM Atwood Steve Orlando FL
1987 RM Barnett Billie Meridian MS
1988 EN Parks John Spring Valley CA
1988 MS Albrecht Robert Staten Island NY
1989 EM Grubis James Billerica MA
1989 EM Zuberbuhler Michael Cincinnati OH
1989 EM Zuberbuhler Michael Cincinnati OH
1989 LTJG Sivertsen Will Fallston MD
1989 SM Rouse Carlos Brooklyn NY





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