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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1958 IC Shaeffer John San Bernardino CA
1958 RD Forbes Larry Los Angeles CA
1960 RD Jones Jeff Klamath Falls OR
1961 BM Johnson Noel Morgan Hill CA
1961 EN Hoeger Ted Gallatin Gateway MT
1961 ET Bustard Bill Phoenix AZ
1961 RD Larson Gil Marshalltown IA
1961 SK Brown Dan Seattle WA
1961 SM Meekhof Darryl La Puente CA
1961 SM Meekhof Darryl La Puente CA
1963 CS Carter Kenneth Rialto CA
1963 EN Benton Alvin Bountiful UT
1963 EN Lewis William Greenport NY
1965 BM Hansen Russ Bronx NY
1965 IC Meadath Thomas Mobile AL
1966 EM Medlock Joe Fresno CA
1966 SF Langford George Houston MS
1967 CS Marsili Robert Spotswood NJ
1967 EM Anderson John Spokane WA
1967 EM Medlock Mike Fresno CA
1968 HM Christian Jim Lemoore CA
1969 RD Turner Ronald Mccoll SC
1970 DC Mccandless Stephen Manhattan Beach CA
1970 EM Smith Jerry Adel GA
1970 MS Ibanez Herminio Philippines CA
1971 CPO Dellinger Joe Flint MI
1971 EN Devaughn Stephen Edwards CA
1971 EN Potter David Gardiner OR
1971 ET Ellis Kevin Williamsburg MI
1971 GM Sterling Robert Beaumont TX
1971 HT Melvin James Hornersville MO
1971 LTJG Dillard
1971 MS King
1971 SD Esplago Bon Philippines
1972 EN Colligan Michael West Seneca NY
1972 GM Duffy Paul Jacksonville NC
1972 GM Duffy Paul Jacksonville NC
1972 LT Brown Stephen Palos Verdes CA
1972 SK Lambert Ken Ventura CA
1973 EM Hutson Ron England AR
1973 MS Brewer Rogers Bradenton FL
1974 RM Henderson David Wendell NC
1975 PN Hadden Larry- - - Cantonment FL
1975 PN Hadden Larry- - - Cantonment FL
1976 BM Santiago Reinaldo Adjuntas PR
1977 EN Foreman David Richmond VA
1977 EN Kolb Edward Depew NY
1977 SM Varnadoe Ralph Griffin GA
1978 MS Lingad Frank Manila PI
1978 MS Philipson Blaine St.petersburg Fl. FL
1978 SK Hann Don Jacksonville FL
1979 EN Tinsley John P. (gator) Salt Springs FL
1980 BM Steedman Darriel Boyd TX
1980 EN Swick James Springhill FL
1983 HM Wright Mark Madison TN
1984 EN Grist Timothy Little Rock AR
1984 IC Grooms Ned Virginia Beach VA
1985 MID1 Cooper Hal Windsor CT
1986 GM Parker Woody Cedartown GA
1987 BM Jennings Gregg Spartanburg SC
1987 PVT Spingler Robert Waverly NY
1988 EN Nickles John Norwalk OH
1988 EN Pink William Marshfield MA
1988 MS Reese Thomas Scranton PA
1990 ENS Perello Marcos Nyc NY
1990 HT Harris Phillip Corpus Christi TX
1990 OS Rivera Robert C. Bronx NY
1990 RM Shelton Donald Owensboro KY
1990 RM Shelton Donald Owensboro KY





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