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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1953 ET Fregoso Arthur Los Angeles CA
1954 SO Sciuto Anthony San Jose CA
1955 LTJG Boss William Philadelphia PA
1955 RM Burnette Don Greenwood SC
1957 LTJG Ajax Sheldon Minneapolis MN
1957 LTJG Lewis Mike OH
1957 LTJG Lincoln ME
1957 SO Welsh Gregory L. Far Hills NJ
1958 IC Shaeffer John San Bernardino CA
1958 LTJG Lyman David Bangkok Thailand DC
1959 CPO Sheffield Gerald Huntsvlle AL
1960 BM Brown Larry Ysleta TX
1960 SM Papp
1961 ET Burford Clarence Lincoln AL
1964 SM Heras Eloy Alice TX
1964 SM Heras Eloy Alice TX
1965 BM Billadeau William San Pedro CA
1965 EN Roussel Donald Metairie LA
1965 YN Ward Leslie Rocky Mount NC
1966 EM Sutherlin James Oakland CA
1966 YN Legere Joe East Hartford CT
1969 ET Orem Terry Littleton CO
1969 SM Matthews Donald El Dorado AR
1970 EN Bailey Robert Bakersfield CA
1970 EN Holley Norval Baldwin Park CA
1970 RM Kraig Ken Spokane WA
1970 RM Kraig Ken Spokane WA
1970 SN Clifford Edward Warren OH
1971 EN Willmot William Vero Beach FL
1972 LT Tirrell William Scarsdale Ny CT
1972 OS Markin Rodney Upland CA
1973 BM Hecke Donald Worth IL
1973 ENS Olding Bill Lakewood CA
1973 FN Doty Larry Huntington Beach CA
1973 RM Walker Kenneth Renton WA
1974 CPO Jones Wayne Kirkland WA
1974 SK Wilson William W. Sharon PA
1976 EN Maddox Harold Charlottesville VA
1976 QM Dellospidale Sal Frederick MD
1977 SM Kaufman Gerald Orlando FL
1978 Mc Corkle
1978 EM Busch Joe Middleport Ny NY
1978 EN Holston Lowell St. Albans WV
1978 EN Mccorkle Robert Napoleon OH
1978 IC Crow Paul Reno NV
1979 QM Johnson Jerome Birmingham AL
1980 BM Apgar Thomas Montclair NJ
1980 BM Apgar Thomas Montclair NJ
1980 BM Apgar Thomas Montclair NJ
1980 BM Kuhfeldt Daren Sarasota FL
1980 RM Leffel Jerry Racine WV
1982 EN Rogers Charles Oakham MA
1982 EN Schlabach Bill Iowa City IA
1982 ET Mccallum Oze Atlanta GA
1982 RM Mccallum Oze Atlanta GA
1982 RM Singleton Jerry Mobile AL
1983 BM Walters James Ladson SC
1984 BM Alcott Jeff Sanford FL
1984 EN Malley Joe Fulton IL
1985 LT Garrold Timothy Searsport ME
1985 RM Hickman Nathan Opelika AL
1987 EM Gibbs David White Post VA
1987 EM Vanduyne Pete Wilmington IL
1987 LTJG Tavel Javier Atlanta GA
1987 QM Green Steven Dallas TX
1987 QM Nash Howie Naples FL
1988 EM Woodfield Jon Chapman KS
1988 MID2 Reynolds Sally Windsor CT
1989 EN Perper Bill Silver Spring MD





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