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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1956 EN Torpey Richard East Hartford CT
1956 SO Lothes Donald Sheboygan WI
1958 LTJG Evans Neil Harbor Creek Township PA
1959 DC Dark James Birmingham AL
1959 EN Chaney Richard Snipesville GA
1960 EM Freeman Charles Arkadelphia AR
1960 EM Washburn Dp (doc) Shelby NC
1960 EN Dawson Bobby Unk.
1960 IC Mooney John Ferguson MO
1961 SN Raber Lee Baltimore MD
1962 EN Sisk Charles Iaeger WV
1962 LTJG Russano Richard Brooklyn NY
1962 SN Goedtel Robert Islip,longisland NY
1962 YN Toth Martin Duquesne PA
1963 BM Key Postell Augusta GA
1963 RM Winn David Henry County VA
1964 RM Newell Carl Charlotte NC
1966 BM Campen Rich East Saint Louis IL
1966 CS Partin Wilburn Middlesboro KY
1966 EN Bowker George Teaneck NJ
1966 EN Elkas Michael East Orange NJ
1966 EN Miller Robert Berea OH
1966 SD Pimentel Mario Vallejo CA
1966 SM Lillo Pete Cuyahoga Falls OH
1967 DC Aguiar Willie Union Beach NJ
1967 ET Hawkins Marty Midwest City OK
1968 EN Fowler Sidney Jackson MI
1970 BM Laundy Dan Kansas City KS
1970 BM Oliphant Gerald Landis NC
1970 EM Burris Keith Albemarle NC
1970 EM Burris Keith Albemarle NC
1970 EN Feltus Jon Acton MA
1970 IC Cowan Will Danville VA
1970 OS Autenrieth Danny Fulton MO
1970 SK Esguerra Armando Cavite PI
1970 SN Adams Aubrey Oxford AL
1971 BM Reed Jimmy Sheffield AL
1972 EN Bentz Ronald Wausau WI
1973 OS Henderson Milton Atlanta GA
1973 YN Gillespie Randy Lima OH
1974 CPO Lawson Billy Besoco WV
1975 HT Ferguson Randy Roanoke Rapids NC
1975 ST West Michael Phillipsburg OH
1976 EN Beaver. Richard Beaver PA
1976 EN Colyer Tom Victor NY
1976 OS Hartman Don Greeneville TN
1977 HM Duncan John Hohenwald TN
1978 ET Kruhmin Steve Plantation FL
1978 MS Marcks Larry Pepin WI
1979 CPO Andersson Kurt Minneapolis MN
1979 EN Deshazer Jeff Warrenville IL
1979 EN Lumpkin Gary GA
1979 LCDR Wayne John
1979 OS Evans Robert Woburn MA
1980 EN Olkowski Edward Cape Coral FL
1980 ENS Curtis Gary Wilmington NC
1980 ENS Kessee Danny TX
1980 ENS Seeley Larry MN
1980 LCDR Brady Walter Doc Windsor CT
1980 QM Bixler Victor Benton IL
1981 EN Yeager Frank Toledo OH
1981 HT Benefield William Clayton AL
1981 IC Winter Donald Bradenton FL
1981 MS Hunter James Harrisville NY
1982 BM Hand Don Alvordton OH
1982 EN Mc Cormick Thomas Bruce MS
1982 GM Gonzalez Victor R (gonzo) Uniondale NY
1982 OS Stowits Bob Waverly NY
1983 BM Peachee Glenn Vinton IA
1983 BM Peachee Glenn Vinton IA
1983 CPO Miller Henry Dothan AL
1983 LTJG Clements Jerry Tupelo MS
1983 RM Kahan David Randolph MA
1983 ST Trowbridge Richard Elmira NY
1984 FN Beaston Jonathan Dauphin PA
1984 HT Torkelson Ken Gardiner NY
1984 MS Wagner Andrew Mendota IL
1984 RM Dotson Jerry Phil Campbell AL
1984 ST Klimers Paul Greenfeild WI
1985 BM Smith Jack Kittanning PA
1985 EN Brownlee Mike Lytton IA
1985 EN Cox Thomas Good Hope WV
1985 EN Girard Michael Pontiac MI
1985 ET Miller Eric Wyoming MI
1986 EM Conerly Bill Arcadia FL
1986 QM Banks Jonathan Blanket TX
1986 ST Dann Thomas Corning NY
1987 MS Veazey Jimmie Gonzales LA
1987 OS Griffin Ron Charlotte NC
1988 EN Gonzalez Rudy FL





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