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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1955 Pair
1955 Stebbins Jerry VT
1955 EN Addison Jerry Cincinnati OH
1955 EN Hirsch Lavern Fairbury NE
1955 EN Nemoth
1955 EN Ramsey OH
1955 ET Dismukes Eddie NC
1955 LT Mooney Rod Quincy MA
1955 LTJG Cunningham Paul Fort Worth TX
1955 RD Worley Gerald Lagrange GA
1955 YN Goetz Joseph Piqua OH
1957 RM Crowe Richard Providence RI
1960 FT Bingel Floyd Edison NJ
1960 RD Nolf Jim Bradford PA
1961 EM Freeman Charles Arkadelphia AR
1961 EM Watkins R.c. Davenport AL
1961 EN Culver Jimmie Riverside CA
1961 EN Culver Jimmie Riverside CA
1961 RM Przano James Jackson MI
1962 BM Gordon James El Dorado KS
1962 EN Register David Shallotte NC
1962 ET Preston Robert Chauncey OH
1962 RM Hite Eugene Waynesboro VA
1962 SM Gross Bill Minneapolis MN
1964 EN Wyrick C.w.(bill) Strawberry Plains TN
1964 ET Abbate Martin Lodi NJ
1966 BM Fitzpatrick Robert Pawtucket RI
1966 BM Mowers Greg Unknown
1966 EN Bowers Bill Durand MI
1966 ET Wildman Van Speedway IN
1966 LCDR Bowling Weldon Denton TX
1966 RD Roark Merle Bremen KY
1966 RM Craven William J Levittown NY
1966 RM Kingery Eldred Greene IA
1966 RM Kingery Eldred Greene IA
1966 RM Velasquez Tomas Espanola NM
1966 SK Shenk Louis Euclid OH
1967 EM Abelquist Paul Brooklyn NY
1967 EN Hartkemeyer John
1967 ET Best Dennis Leechburg PA
1967 HM Moore James Pine Bluff AR
1967 RD Whitley John Newport News VA
1968 EN Skewes James Massapequa NY
1968 RM Rogers Leland Macon GA
1969 BM Hall Troy Nashville TN
1969 EM Albert John Lavale MD
1969 PN Briguglio Jimmy Oneonta NY
1969 SK Komaromi Leslie Jefferson City MO
1970 RM Tofslie Arlen Manhattan MT
1971 GM Rushing Patrick Ocala FL
1972 EM Dam Hank Rhinebeck NY
1973 EM Dam Hendrik Rhinebeck NY
1973 LTJG Salm Edward Des Plaines IL
1973 MS Holderman Daniel Orrville OH
1974 YN Macey Robert Brooklyn NY
1975 LTJG Cordes George Cincinnati OH
1975 RM Copus Lee Birmingham AL
1976 HM Estes Michael Gloucester NJ
1976 SK Lyndaker John Lowville NY
1977 EN Rasmusson Philip Brookfield CT
1977 EN Terhune Eugene Little Valley NY
1977 RM Caulder Sam AL
1977 SN Poff Michael Rockville MD
1977 YN Wyle John Harrisburg PA
1978 EN Moore Robert Chicago IL
1978 LT Sadd Vince Charleston WV
1978 PN Warnock Chuck Terre Haute IN
1978 ST Massey Ronald Bakersfield CA
1979 CMDR Strohaker John Tampa FL
1979 EM James Larry Clearwater FL
1979 ET Livingston John St. Petersburg FL
1980 CPO Blanton Tom FL
1980 LTJG Dawson Leo Charleston SC
1981 EM Louthan David Pensacola FL
1981 GM Sims Frankie Brewton Alabama AL
1981 HT Wood Richard Seattle WA
1981 YN Fitzwater Allan Marion OH
1983 CMDR Weaver Chris
1983 CMDR Weaver Chris
1983 EN Kinney Jack Gladwin MI
1983 ET Woodside John Cahokia IL
1983 SK Vale Bill Suquamish WA
1983 SM Fleming Gary York PA
1983 ST Draper Rodney Bath NY
1984 BM Bollinger Mark Baltimore OH
1984 PN Estep Mike
1985 BM Branam Tim Lake Dallas TX
1985 EM Lee Stephen New Hyde Park NY
1985 FN Haegele David Carmichael CA
1986 ENS Tavel Javier Atlanta GA
1988 MS Dittman Matthew Bland MO
1988 MS Dittman Matthew Bland MO
1988 RM Fisher James OH
1988 SM Stephany Robert Chicago IL
1989 ET Ryan Daniel Hazlet NJ
1989 HM Howey James Lapeer MI
1990 BM Hess Duane Adams Center NY
1990 FN Thomas Steven Greenville SC
1990 PVT Cartledge John Rocky Mount NC
1990 RM Evans Bo Benton PA
1990 RM Harrell Joe Columbia SC
1990 SM Clement Ron Lakeland FL
1991 EN Wible Jon Hatfield PA
1991 OS Riley Joey Minford OH
1992 BM Horton James Alan Shelbourne NY
1992 LCDR Shaw Max Napa CA





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