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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1954 LCDR Maffett Sidney Atlanta GA
1954 SO Lewis Peter Southbrdge MA
1955 LT Reed Thomas Gary WV
1956 EM Diaferio Joseph Endicott NY
1957 EM Ashworth Radcliffe Norfolk VA
1959 EM Curry Robert Elkhart IL
1959 IC Hardin Cliff Dayton OH
1959 LTJG Snyder Robert Catskill NY
1959 LTJG Whitmire William Tallahassee FL
1959 RM Page Eldridge Durham NC
1959 YN Weiser George Palmerton PA
1960 SM Cheek Joseph Augusta GA
1960 SO Walker Robert Madison WI
1961 BM Lillard Jonathan Hollywood FL
1961 EM Harmon Anders Hatfield AR
1961 RM Lineen Paul Worcester MA
1962 ET Grutta Thomas Warren MI
1963 EM Whiteheart Grady Winston Salem NC
1963 RD Cullen Pete Brooklyn NY
1964 EN Archer David Greeneville TN
1964 RM Erwin William H. (bill) Malvern AR
1964 RM Lineen P.t.
1965 SN Brown Albert San Angelo TX
1966 GM Browning John Colorado Springs CO
1966 RM Machado Michael Matawan NJ
1966 SM Howell Gary Newark OH
1967 IC Sockwell Wayne Watchung NJ
1967 YN Mathewson Craig Fairborn OH
1968 RD Jerry Koff Chicago IL
1969 EN Wolverton
1969 IC Cowan Will Danville VA
1969 LT Posoli John New York NY
1969 PN Dawson Mike Tampa FL
1970 BM Cowan John Ferriday LA
1970 BM Mcilveene Aubrey Dallas TX
1970 BM Schumacher Robert Buffalo NY
1970 EM Cumbie Henry (herb) Mayo FL
1970 LTJG Foster Charles Cushing OK
1970 LTJG Foster Charles Cushing OK
1970 LTJG Johnson Steven Bloomington IL
1970 RD Hanks Richard Anderson SC
1971 DC Wedlake Bruce Atlanta GA
1971 EN Kealey John Penndel PA
1971 LT Hartman Robert Berwyn PA
1971 OS Groene Darrel (bud) Lorain OH
1971 RM Schmidt Jim (smitty) Middletown NJ
1971 SK Fletterich Mitchell Chesterland OH
1971 ST Trowbridge Richard Elmira NY
1972 SN Allen Greg Bay City MI
1972 SN Brown Rick Paterson NJ
1973 EN Eakin Lawrence (wolfie) Youngstown OH
1973 SM Rock Donald Cohoes NY
1974 EM Moore Darrell Houston TX
1975 BM Hurley Robert Elmira NY
1975 EN Flagler Charles Durham NC
1975 OS Gittings Dean Tecumseh MI
1975 RM Brown Robert Hartford CT
1976 EM Flannery John Holland MA
1976 EN Koles Matthew Hillsborough NJ
1976 EN Mcnamara Keith Brooklyn NY
1977 HT Haas Rickey Jefferson City MO
1978 EN Guay Loren Sanford ME
1978 EN Moore Jason Townsend GA
1978 EN Rollins George Jacksonville TX
1979 IC Ballard Ed Barstow CA
1980 EN Darling Roger Reading VT
1980 EN Pullen Rick Washington DC
1980 OS Dunn Joe Springfield MA
1981 IC Giroud James Pleasantville NJ
1982 EM Scida Joseph Tully NY
1982 EN Andrews Timothy Owosso MI
1982 HT Graham Kenneth Ilion NY
1982 LTJG Shaw Max Napa CA
1982 OS Rajotte Mark North Kingstown RI
1982 RM Pannozzo David Pittsfield MA
1983 LTJG Mayer Harry Medford NJ
1984 EN Brock Ricky Hempstead NY
1984 HT Salcetti Robert (sal) Bethesda MD
1984 LT Shields Mark Newark DE
1985 EN Caldwell Mike Sacramento CA
1985 EN Nurse Guillermo Panama, Canal Zone PR
1985 EN Wilbur David Perry ME
1985 RM Scanlon Neil Norwood MA
1986 BM Stimson David Princeton MA
1986 EN Conway Douglas Fountain City IN
1987 EN Zastrow John Hermann MO
1988 MS Bell Dana Glens Falls NY
1990 EM Beausoleil Dana Riverside RI
1990 SK James Keith New York NY
1991 CPO Jones Ernest Akron OH
1991 RM Alexander Lee Louisville KY
1991 YN Leach Craig Johnstown PA
1993 LT Rivera Jose Carolina PR





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