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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1994 BM Geraldon Robert Ranger TX
1994 ET Garner Ray Phoenix AZ
1994 RM Jackson Doug Mound City MO
1995 BM Meredith Emmanuel Monroe LA
1995 EN Levesque Paul Cortez CO
1995 EN Solsvig Monte Hudson WI
1995 EN Solsvig Monte Hudson WI
1995 ET Allen Giles Trimble TN
1995 MS Lafond Ken S.hadley MA
1995 QM Harrell Manuel Bronx NY
1995 RM Jackson Doug Mound City MO
1997 SK Ragner Eric Des Moines IA
1999 EM Owsley Dan Walterboro SC
2004 RM Giles David Knoxville TN





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