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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 Zollars Larry --
1956 SM Drzewiecki Louis Bristol CT
1957 EM Morgan Luther Petersburg VA
1957 EN Manning Charles Redwood NY
1957 RD Maglione Francis Meriden CT
1957 SK Holland Donald J. Gloversville NY
1957 SM Curtis Joseph Sterling Htgs. MI
1957 SM Drzewiecki Louis Sebring FL
1958 ET Nyberg William Columbus OH
1958 LTJG Ramsey William (bill) Turtle Creek PA
1958 SN Connolly Donald Waltham MA
1959 CPO Stickline Dennis Baltimore MD
1959 DK Miller Dave Lorain OH
1959 EM Yanda Fred Dillonvale OH
1959 EN O Connor James Dearborn Hgts. MI
1959 EN Stickline C. Dennis Baltimore MD
1959 LCPL Sipple Robert Saugus MA
1959 PFC Bowen Clinton Huntington WV
1959 QM Furlong Patrick Albany NY
1959 SM Larry Zollars IN
1959 SM Zollars Larry IN
1960 Walters Carl --
1960 AD Spann Charles Birmingham AL
1960 BM Hebert Roger Leominster MA
1960 CPL Docchio Anthony Ft Lauderdale FL
1960 QM Torpey Richard (dick) East Hartford CT
1960 RM Leblanc Art (frenchy) Aj Fitchburg MA
1960 RM Wilkenfeldt Bruce Bloomfield NJ
1961 EM Ring Thomas Edgewater NJ
1961 EN Gray Jackie Altoona FL
1961 ET Vanderbrink Gary Queens NY
1961 FN Chapman James Gloucester VA
1961 IC Fralick Roy Jacksonville FL
1961 IC Fralick Roy Jacksonville FL
1961 SM Lucas Bruce Erwin NC
1961 SN Lucas Bruce Erwin NC
1961 SN Rivenbark Maurice (riv) Wilmington NC
1962 Zollars Larry Unknown IN
1962 BM Neubauer William Niagara Falls,ny NY
1962 BM White Jerry White Plains NY
1962 BT Harkness William Brooklyn NY
1962 CS Lindquist Marion(briar Patch) Rockford IL
1962 EM Hallum Omar Dallas GA
1962 EN Swendsen Russell Windham ME
1962 ET Fowler Derrill Mountain Rest SC
1962 GM Cantrell William Del City OK
1962 LTJG Meredith John (jack) Belton TX
1962 QM Reeves Peter Norwood MA
1962 QM Rodish Marvin Chicago IL
1962 RD Smith Bob Mt.Vernon IL
1962 SM Radzikowski Cosmo Everett MA
1963 CS Bohr George Lake Hiawatha NJ
1963 EM Hallum Omar Dallas GA
1963 EN
1963 EN
1963 EN Greenlee Dwight Point Pleasant WV
1963 EN Hayes Max Rome GA
1963 EN Hedrick Oscar Flint MI
1963 EN Pfleger Frank River Vale NJ
1963 EN Scales Steven Princeton IN
1963 ENS Allen Jesse Savannah GA
1963 ET Carter Don Dolgeville NY
1963 LTJG Mitchell Robert Springfield NJ
1964 BM Novack John Gary IN
1964 BM Yourstone Allan Edison NJ
1964 FT Furst Dave Johnstown PA
1964 LTJG Faulk David Bellevue WA
1964 SM Saxby Wilbur Litchfield IL
1964 SN Mooney John Bronx NY
1964 SN Yourstone Allan Edison NJ
1965 BM Thompson Joseph Staten Island NY
1965 BM Trotter Johnny Louisville KY
1965 BM Wooten Joe Prattville AL
1965 DC Boudreau Richard Leominster MA
1965 DC Boudreau Richard Leominster MA
1965 DK Howard David Jackson MI
1965 EN Buonaiuto James Newtown CT
1965 EN Hall Charles Sugar Grove VA
1965 EN Henson Bill Ulysses KS
1965 GM Florence Paul Springfield PA
1965 SK Ackerman John Hampton VA
1965 SK Hughes Gene Wintergreen VA
1965 SN Yakel Fred Rockford IL
1965 YN Albaugh John Norwood PA
1966 BM Smith Bernie Ballston Spa NY
1966 BM Tomei Joseph Aliquippa PA
1966 EN Pruitt William Ocala FL
1966 EN Wiese Mark Omaha NE
1966 RM Matthews Thomas Steelton PA
1966 SF Hess Edward Elmsford NY
1966 SK Ackerman John Hampton VA
1966 SK Allen David Huntington NY
1966 SK Allen David Huntington NY
1966 YN Jenczyk Stanley Chicago IL
1967 GM Lashbrook Richard Port Huron MI
1967 HM Swiniarski John Peabody MA
1967 PN Frazier Jerry Overland (st. Louis) MO
1967 QM Boring Claude (chip) Lake Placid FL
1967 YN Jenczyk Stanley Chicago IL
1968 BM West Joel Brooklyn NY
1968 LTJG Lustman Ronald Plymouth MN
1968 LTJG Murphy Dennis Doylestown PA
1968 RD Cox Paul Anderson IN
1968 RD Stainback Dave Carrolltown PA
1968 SK Salamone Thomas Eastport NY
1968 SK Salamone Thomas Eastport NY
1968 YN Guardino Louis Queens NY
1968 YN Guardino Louis Queens NY
1969 FT Gustin Michael Valhalla NY
1969 LT Newman Jim Greenville NC
1969 QM Szmergalski Paul Chicago IL
1969 RM Bedsole James Garland NC
1969 RM Bell Otis Portsmouth OH
1969 SH Moore Arvetta Flint MI
1969 SN Brinley William A ( Bill ) Guilford CT
1970 BM Nowosielski Mark Flint MI
1970 EN Berry Duane Greenville KY
1970 ET Edwards Frank Indianapolis IN
1970 FT Stauter Dennis Gridley IL
1970 GM Durling Mark Ft Myers FL
1970 GM Durling Mark Ft Myers FL
1970 IC Dikowski Dennis Irvington NJ
1970 RM Flom David New York NY
1970 RM Lachappell Gary Chicopee MA
1970 RM Matters Bob Adelphi MD
1970 RM Turner William Chicago IL
1970 SM Ronald (chip) Chamberlain Fort Walton Beach FL
1970 SM Whitaker Mike Tampa FL
1970 SN Letosky George Richfield OH
1970 SN Morse Gary Mohawk NY
1971 BM Underwood Jerry Clinton TN
1971 BT Mazurek Paul Reading PA
1971 CPO Matthews James Lakin KS
1971 EN Fox Jimmy Christiana TN
1971 EN Mccauley Charles Arlington VA
1971 ENS Waltz David Birmingham AL
1971 ET Morris Leon Durham NC
1971 SM Brescia Peter Lk Worth FL
1971 SN Moore Willie B Kannapolis NC
1971 SN Munnelly Dan Elizabeth NJ
2003 BM Neubauer William Niagara Falls NY





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