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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1949 BM Rymsa Joseph --
1949 CS Mealey --
1949 LCDR Chambers T. D. --
1949 SK Kauffman --
1952 GM Charles Harry Huntington NY
1952 SK Stein Stanley Brooklyn NY
1953 GM Fremont Donald Gloversville NY
1953 GM Jusseaume Maurice Fall River MA
1953 SH Johnson Ted Yukon OK
1953 SK Stein Stanley Brfooklyn NY
1954 EN Mckim William Racine PA
1954 EN Moslander Gerald Lincoln NE
1954 RM Howard Charles (bud) Camden NJ
1955 DC Nappier James Desoto MO
1955 RD White David Peoria IL
1955 SN Gaffney Gary Aurora IL
1956 BT Johnson Charlie Skowhegan ME
1956 EN Litkenhaus Frank Cincinnati OH
1956 FT Sedlacek Gary Butte NE
1956 FT Sedlacek Gary Butte NE
1956 SN La Corte Charles Clifton NJ
1957 BM Kimmel Joel Baltimore MD
1957 BM Nadeau Norman D. New Bedford MA
1957 LCDR Rogers Benjamin C. Abilene TX
1957 RD Trella Anthony New York City FL
1957 SK Conkright Richard Big Pine Key FL
1957 SM O Callaghan Edward Somerville MA
1957 SN Dietrich James Milwaukee WI
1958 FT Fletcher Charles Omaha NE
1958 FT Koehler Frank --
1958 GM Andrews David Scranton PA
1958 GM Charles Harry So. Cario NY
1958 GM Charles Harry So. Cario NY
1959 BM Kimmel Joel Baltimore MD
1959 EM Byers Jack Niantic IL
1959 EN Ferrari Jake Shamokin PA
1959 LT Henshall John Shelton CT
1959 PN Catania Ralph Benton Harbor MI
1959 RM Bonicioli Anthony Lake Ronkonkoma NY
1960 BM Cann Charles Burlington Ma. MA
1960 BM Mineau Francis Gladstone MI
1960 BT Jordan Larry Charlotte NC
1960 EN Bauza Thomas Chicago IL
1960 EN Hickling Richard Tacoma WA
1960 SN Adams Smith Closter NJ
1961 BT Keller Gordon W Arnold MO
1961 BT Yeardon James Cincinnati OH
1961 EN Hertel Ray Buffalo NY
1961 EN Hertel Ray Buffalo NY
1961 LTJG Olsen Roger West Allis WI
1961 MM Phelps Lynn Coulterville IL
1961 SM Gaus Edward Cumberland MD
1961 SM Gaus Edward Cumberland MD
1961 SM Gorman Donald Philadelphia PA
1961 SM Putnam Ernest Duluth,Mn. (Now Osa MO
1962 BM Donatto Marvin Opelousas LA
1962 CS Willoughby Linwood Roanoke VA
1962 DK Rocha Richard San Jose CA
1962 EM Kellar Joe Warren OH
1962 EN Steve Teal Birmingham AL
1962 EN Trainor Roger Roanoke VA
1962 ET Ickes Alden Midvale OH
1962 SM Heman Paul Huntington WV
1962 SM Miller Thomas Cumberland MD
1962 YN Ginn Roger Rockford IL
1963 Martindale John Belton TX
1963 CN Maust Quentin Somerset PA
1963 EN Vardell Steve E St. Louis IL
1963 ET Puglisi Tom Long Island NY
1963 HM Fletcher Don Durham NC
1963 QM Scholten Duane Kalamazoo MI
1963 SN Gizzi Robert Albany NY
1964 CS Riley John Ashland KY
1964 EM Eckenrod Hugh Warren OH
1964 EN Rose Mike Harrisville NY
1964 ET Bullert Roger Buffalo Lake MN
1964 QM Forsythe Ronald Patton PA
1965 BM Laborde Mike New Orleans LA
1965 BM Walton Jackie Lexington KY
1965 RD Tallant Jim Los Angeles CA
1965 SF Harvey Wallace Beckley WV
1965 SF Harvey Wallace Beckley WV
1966 CS Meisinger Dale Mchenry Ill. IL
1966 DC Colabella Nick Eastchester NY
1966 DC Colabella Nick Eastchester NY
1966 EM Edmonds Robert Porterville CA
1966 EM Richey Daniel Florence AL
1966 ENS Callaway John Boston MA
1966 IC Tucker Dave Olney MD
1966 QM Kallas Jim Madison WI
1967 Abella --
1967 Aronin --
1967 BM Adams Frank --
1967 BM Anderson David Erie PA
1967 BM Treece Sam --
1967 BT Butler --
1967 BT Collum Walter Fairfield CT
1967 CPL Braund Thomas Bergenfield NJ
1967 EN Mccleese Blaine Hamilton OH
1967 EN Mccleese Blaine Oxford OH
1967 SN Person James Gary IN
1968 21 Ellis --
1968 BM Tuttle Tim Columbus OH
1968 CM Zemke Gary Sebewaing MI
1968 CPL Filutz Frank North East PA
1968 CPO Chay --
1968 CS Cormier --
1968 CS Cornell --
1968 CS Odegaard --
1968 DK Schmitz Dan OH
1968 ENSN Ballard J. H. --
1968 GM Wells Ralph Winter Springs FL
1968 IC Cumming George Carmel ME
1968 LCDR Caruso S. J. --
1968 LTJG Cook Ernie College Point NY
1968 OM Anderson John Erie PA
1968 PM Kaminski John --
1968 PN Melick Ron Waterloo IA
1968 PN Melick Ronald Waterloo IA
1968 QM Degeorge Tony Bennington VT
1968 RM Yanoshik Stephen Fort Lauderdale FL
1968 SD Lorenzo Jesse Hayward CA
1968 SF Langheinrich George Milwaukee WI
1968 SK Crandall Dan --
1968 SK Roberts Frank --
1968 SK Stahl John Scottsdale AZ
1968 SK Stahl Johnreed North East PA
1968 SM Dentner J Columbus OH
1968 SM Dentner J Columbus OH
1968 SM Fox --
1969 Clason James
1969 BM Young Edward Norwood PA
1969 CPO Seiberling Donald Pottsville PA
1969 CPO Seiberling Donald Pottsville PA
1969 EM Kline Phil Reading PA
1969 EN Tempesta Larry Glen Cove NY
1969 FN Terri Gregory Shelby NC
1969 SM Fox Jim Jackson Heights NY





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