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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1940 BM Yanez Pete La Quinta CA
1951 BM Massick Norman Harvey IL
1952 EM Ironi Frank St.Paul MN
1952 MCPO Broz Frank San Francisco CA
1953 Ironi Frank --
1953 EM Zimmerman Paul Sheboygan WI
1954 EM Pettit James Walhalla SC
1954 ET Mccarthy James (larry) Selma OH
1956 LTJG Saxton Daniel Pittsburgh PA
1956 SH Pinyan Ron Atlanta GA
1957 EN Hogue Theron Granite City IL
1957 RM Eaves Jerry Dallas TX
1957 RM Gerle Bob Patchogue CO
1958 ET Nigh Jack Tulsa OK
1958 ET Nigh Jack Tulsa OK
1958 RM Moore David Warwick RI
1959 EN Smith Michael Roswell GA
1959 LTJG Newman Bruce Tarzana CA
1960 ENS Flodman William Seattle WA
1960 FT Hartnett Pat Richland WA
1960 RM Wright Don Oxford AR
1961 EM Dewald Albert Merrick NY
1961 EM Dewald Albert Merrick NY
1961 EM Dewald Albert Merrick NY
1961 ENS Wallace John San Diego CA
1962 EN Cvitak Gary Omaha NE
1963 EN Hudson Neil--{Hud} Clifton NJ
1963 EN King David Santa Maria CA
1963 EN Spurgeon Ronald Snohomish WA
1963 ENS Martinache Charles Pittsburg KS
1963 RD Mccloskey Ed Mckeesport PA
1963 SK Manning Gary Norton Shore Mi MI
1963 SK Manning Gary Norton Shore Mi MI
1964 GM Decossas Edward New Orleans LA
1964 LTJG Decker Joel Virginia Beach VA
1964 LTJG Rigoli John San Francisco CA
1964 RD Mcferren Bill Baytown TX
1964 YN Jowers Jesse Olanta SC
1965 BM Beers Gordon Palm Desert CA
1965 EN Argyle Richard Rockford IL
1965 EN Brown Lynn Laramie WY
1965 EN Burris Harlan Brighton CO
1965 EN Crosswhite Tom Sacramento CA
1965 EN Wachter Tom San Jose CA
1965 GM Decossas Edward New Orleans LA
1965 GM Decossas Edward New Orleans LA
1965 GM Wolber Blilly Lajunta CO
1965 PN Cochrane Richard Marion IN
1965 RD Marlow James Des Moines IA
1965 SK Hudzik Robert IL
1965 SN Addison James (tex) Groves TX
1966 BM La Rue Larry Churubusco IN
1966 CPO Tyson Paul Odessa Tx TX
1966 DC Hamshar John-richard Glen Cove NY
1966 DC Perguson Jim Mesa AZ
1966 ET Brown Ray Santa Maria CA
1966 LTJG Oconnell Timothy Baltimore MD
1966 SK Foster Gerald Clinton SC
1966 SK Hudzik Robert East Saint Louis IL
1966 SN Servin Ronald(ranio) Richmond CA
1966 SN Simpson Frank Prescott AZ
1967 BM Hill Charles Augusta GA
1967 EM Liddle Paul KS
1967 EM Schultz Richard Mentor OH
1967 EM Tracewell Bruce Corvallis OR
1967 EN Combs David Newberry Springs CA
1967 ET Hickey Ray
1967 LTJG Shugg Walter Mt. Kisco NY
1967 RM Constantine Jack Greensburgh PA
1967 RM Constantine Jack Erie PA
1967 RM Oestreich Robert Joliet IL
1968 DC Schroeter Bruce Chardon OH
1968 DM Harowitz Eugene
1968 EM Liddle Paul Topeka KS
1968 EM Simpson William Crossett AR
1968 EN Brown Charles Willows CA
1968 SN Foster Gerald Clinton SC
1968 SN Kenney Louis Ypsilanti MI
1968 SN Lippert Harry Pittsburgh PA
1995 GM Gallo Sam Fontana CA





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