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Year Rank/Rate Last Name First Name Hometown Home State
1942 MM Wohlert Paul Narbeth PA
1942 QM Johansen Walter Warwick RI
1944 GM Mathews Brien Fulton NY
1946 RD Harrah Leo Alderson WV
1949 ET Young James Gulf Shores AL
1949 GM Mcwhorter Doug Trussville AL
1949 IC Christian P. L. Pasadena TX
1949 LT Sturkey Oscar (Lee) Mccormick SC
1949 RM Miller Minter Lancaster CA
1949 SM Egbert Robert Salem VA
1963 SH Overton Jack Rochester NY
1965 HM Cottingham John Unknow NC
1965 LT Pilalas Jason Greenwich CT
1966 BM Deas Harold SC
1966 BM Milton Robert Portland OR
1966 BM Milton Robert Portland OR
1966 EM Hopper Dennis Sacramento CA
1966 EN Lundsten Jim Jamestown NY
1966 EN Meneses Hector Los Angeles CA
1966 ET Dearstone Wilson Jonesboro TN
1966 HM Rawls Anthony New Brunswick NJ
1966 LTJG Larocca James Brooklyn, New York NY
1966 PN Grimes Bruce Harrisburg OR
1966 PN Hays Stephen Costa Mesa CA
1966 RD Brandon Michael Abilene TX
1966 RD Milstead Rick Portsmouth OH
1966 RD Milstead Rick Jacksonville FL
1966 RM Phillips Paul San Francisco CA
1966 SK Conners Dennis Boulder City AZ
1966 SK Kirchhoff John B Flushing NY
1966 SM Forbes Eugene --
1966 SM Freeman Richard Marshfield MA
1966 SN Elsdon Terry Tacoma WA
1966 SN Massey James San Diego CA
1966 YN Gustafson Arthur San Diego CA
1966 YN Gustafson Arthur Redwood City CA
1966 YN Johnson William San Diego CA
1967 BM Kirkland Jasper Tallahassee FL
1967 EN Agee Russell Alton IL
1967 EN Hook Richard Cedarburg WI
1967 EN Eggert Richard Cedarburg WI
1967 EN Hook Leonard Ft Worth TX
1967 EN Hook Leonard Ft Worth TX
1967 EN Koerber Bruce Lakewood OH
1967 FN Calamia Joseph El Paso TX
1967 FT Flach Frederick Zelienople PA
1967 FT Flach Frederick Zelienople, PA
1967 QM Cross Mike North Bend OR
1967 RD Callahan Larry Kernersville NC
1967 RD Callahan Larry Kernersville NC
1967 RD Severson Arthur
1967 RM Izard Charles Pine Bluff AR
1967 SD De La Cruz Paulino R. Jacksonville FL
1967 SF (stoney) Houston Harris Laurel MS
1967 SF Calamia Joseph El Paso TX
1967 SH Anderson Pete Calvin LA
1967 SM Milton Robert Portland OR
1967 SN Brunsell Dennis Minneapolis MN
1967 SN Fell Kim Spokane WA
1967 SN Jaramillo Frank Phoenix AZ
1967 SN Price Tim Hobbs NM
1968 AD Berghof Buzz William Indian Mills NJ
1968 BT Agee Russell Sterling CO
1968 CS Olinger Michael Philadelphia PA
1968 EN Barr Norman Imperial Beavh CA
1968 EN Benedict Kenneth Stratford CT
1968 EN Busic Jerry Houston TX
1968 EN Busic Gerald Holtsville NY
1968 EN Cochran Richard Parsippany NJ
1968 EN Sagan Frederick Titusville PA
1968 ET Young James Gulf Shores AL
1968 GM Keith James Starford PA
1968 IC Amann Raymond Montague MI
1968 RM Gardtner Robert (bob) Jeffersonville IN
1968 SH Penton Gaylord Denver CO
1968 SK Manelski Robert Wilmington DE
1968 SN Getzler Steve Rochester NY
1968 SN Wheeler Ronnie Odessa TX
1968 YN Potter David Norfolk VA
1968 YN Potter David Coffeyville KS
1968 YN Sandoval Patrick Clovis NM
1969 BM Schriener Steve Denver CO
1969 CPO Brown
1969 DC Crull Gary Davenport IA
1969 EM Brink Michael Grand Rapids MN
1969 EM Deckman Mike Williamsport PA
1969 EN Bucho Kenneth Rock Springs WY
1969 EN Comer John Independence MO
1969 EN Deckman Mike Williamsport PA
1969 EN Lerman David Philadelphia PA
1969 EN Perry Dave Orange CA
1969 ET Bovee Duane Hibbing MN
1969 GM Mcwhorter Doug(mac) Birmingham AL
1969 LTJG Frederick David Topeka KS
1969 SF Crownover Gary Odessa TX
1969 SF Russell (sf1) Ken Hopewell VA
1969 SH Purvis Alan Independence MO
1969 SK Banas Ted Detroit MI
1969 SN Start Douglas Grand Rapids MI
1969 YN Smith John Wichita KS
1970 BM Lake George Phoenix AZ
1970 BM Lake George Phoenix AZ
1970 CS Colwell Jeff Anchorage AK
1970 ET Kero Raymond Melvindale MI
1970 FN Moody Robert Mcdonald TN
1970 FT Schwindler Robert Huntington Beach CA
1970 HT Youngblood Larry Vandalia OH
1970 RM Earnshaw Bill Kingman AZ
1970 RM Lowman Steve Annette Island AK
1970 RM Mcgowan Bob West Cheter PA
1970 RM Metz Richard [ Rick] Grass Valley CA
1970 RM Rogers Stanley Tifton GA
1970 RM Rogers Stanley D. Tifton GA
1970 SK Corry Mike Starks LA
1971 FT Anderson Dale A Morristown TN
1996 HM Cotttingham John NC





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